2023 Qunol Turmeric Instant Drink Mix Review Uncovers Bio Trends

Looking into the Turmeric Products offered by Qunol I discovered this brand new technology into absorption delivered by this Qunol Turmeric Drink Mix. Claiming to create this water soluble method from Bio Enhanced Turmeric Curcumin Extract.

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What Is Qunol Turmeric Drink Mix?

Turmeric in the Lab is what you could say in the early days. The Qunol Turmeric Curcumin Instant Drink Mix is a newly developed discovery from the use of a bio enhanced formulations of the Extracted Curcumin and Curcuminoid oil and Ginger that is soluble in water for a much FASTER result in absorbtion. Primarily the main beneficial use for this drink mix is for anybody who enjoys a physical life.

The Instant Turmeric drink is perfect to recover from exertion and offers a great boost in energy much quicker than what we experience from taking a regular powdered formulation like vitabalance turmeric plus.

Qunol Turmeric Instant Drink Mix Reviews

I have scanned multiple websites looking over what others are saying about there experience from including Amazon Wallmart and Costco, the approved retail sellers of Qunol instant Turmeric Drink Mix Reviews and everybody is appearing to love it. And you buy it in two powerful ways direct from the quinol website and earn an instant 15% discount.

One of the most profound reviews of this turmeric drink mix was from a repeat customer I found on Amazon. The guy suffered from fatigue due to working n a high activity environment, he had been doing it for years and regularly used energy drinks to get him through the day and often suffered at the end. He said the qunol turmeric drink mix not only picked him up for his entire shift. His whole feeling after work was much more relaxed.

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That Prompted My Desire To Check It Out.

That one review immediately gave me the urge and buy Quinol turmeric drink mix. And although today it hasn’t arrived here in New Zealand I will be very soon leaving my own results right here. It will be interesting to differ the results after being on Science Natural Supplements Turmeric With Bioperine for a couple of months. As I will reveal to you below I am expecting very notable personal results. Although I am loosing weight, and already feeling AWESOME.:) I do exert myself troughout the day with work and hobbies and fatigue is still somewhat has an effect.

What Makes Quinol Intant Drink Mix better

There is prominence to from what I have gathered thus far while investigating the beverage. Where the overall breaktrough in the latest research for turmeric is bio-availability, where the entire focus has been the delivery into the blood system. The team over activity have been slightly advanced to take a step into the focus of bio-activity and by there unique patented process has turned curcumiin and the cucuminoids minutly water soluble. Making the effects and benefits act faster with further reach into and around your fluid system.

  • Bio-Availability: The race to get the best turmeric supplement is absorption through the intestinal tract from discovering that turmeric by its self generally goes straight through. Most of the best turmeric supplements reviewed have good Bio-availability.
  • Bio-Activity: Is the new race where new breakthroughs and stringent monitoring the actual activity and REACH of the curcuminoids. Quinol seem to have this at the forefront in the development if there products.

Does The Qunol Turmeric Drink Mix Taste Ok?

Like I said I haven’t yet tried it. However I have come to conclusions of the flavor and texture from reading user reviews. Many folks are in the assumption that there would be some powdery texture in the drink. But as it appears when the say it’s soluble this means it dissolves well and a number of people said it’s just like a flavored water.

There is a good quench of flavor of Orange, but there is also a warm spicy effect that shines trough from the hint of ginger. However If any of that doesn’t sound attractive Qunol does have an unflavored Turmeric Curcumin Drink Mix Option I will reveal below.

The Primary Ingredients In the Drink Mix

It is always good to be familiar with the entire ingredients. There could always be something that doesn’t agree with you. Infact one of the very few unhappy Quinol Turmeric instant drink mix reviews was due to and ingredient from the following list.

  • Bioenhanced Turmeric complex (Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract)
  • Ginger
  • Maltodextrin
  • Partially Hydrolized Galactomannan
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sucralose
  • Stevia
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Alternative Qunol Turmeric Curcumin Drink Mix Flavor.

Qunol are dedicated to there customer satisfaction and realize that the flavor and additives to popular orange & ginger Drink Mix may not be to everyone’s liking so there is another option where the only other added ingredients are Maltodextrin and Gamma Cyclodextrin . This is an unflavored option which is good folks who love water, or who would want to mix in there own choice of natural flavoring.

unflavored option discovered from my qunol instant turmeric drink mix review

Click Here To Check Out The Unflavored Turmeric Drink Mix

The unflavored version appears to be very NEW after Qunol listening to customers of the Orange Flavored Turmeric Instant Drink Mix Reviews and obviously felt it wont hurt to create more option’s. I am sure they will venture further into the development as popularity grows.

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8 thoughts on “2023 Qunol Turmeric Instant Drink Mix Review Uncovers Bio Trends”

  1. I’m always looking for a great turmeric recipe after getting one of those expensive drinks at Whole Foods but make you feel so refreshed inside! I haven’t heard of Qunol instant Turmeric Drink Mix but it definitely takes away the hard work of having to find all the ingredients to place together and then mix. How did you first discover the Qunol instant Turmeric Drink Mix? Also, since the publishing of this review, have you tried the drink yet? I’d love to read about that in an update! 

    1. Hi Edith, Great Question that I will try to explain better within the article too. But basically the extraction and formulation in this specific mix is it is a brand new absorption technology that is far more instantly bio-active. Meaning you will get the instant energy replacement value along with an immediate response to fatigue related inflammation. Which is why this is geared toward high physical demand. It’s like a new era in energy drinks “only it actually healthy”:).
      The soft Gels are more reactant and serve the entirety of our body and health ailments a lot more. In example I would not recommend this to anybody if they were looking to use turmeric to help with cancer or any other health problem curcumin is seen to benefit.

      Thanks for stopping here, please let me know if you need further explanation or inderstanding.
      All the best Rob

  2. Thank you for this informative post.

    I don’t do a lot of physical activity but I still feel spent toward the end of the day.  At first, I thought it might be my diet but I’ve altered it and, although it’s helped a little, it still hasn’t really made a big difference.

    I’m wondering if this drink mix might make the difference.  I don’t want to take things like 5-hour Energy and the like.

    Taste is going to be a big factor for me. 

    Thank you again,


    1. Hi Scott, I am pleased you found the info good and I have to say, Most of the energy drinks have nothing on a natural injection like an instant drink mix of this kind. Being proven time and time again to be exactly what the body needs by way of nutrient. I think it is a great concept to beat the inflammation as or before it start’s. 

      For the small price It surely would be worth a go.

      Thanks for stopping by, best of luck


  3. Hello!

    I would be very happy to try the fast-absorbing Qunol Turmeric Mix dietary supplement. So turmeric is one of the healthiest spices. It has an intense, bitter and somewhat spicy golden yellow aroma that I love. 

    I find great all the ingredients that this mixture carries. Combined with water you can achieve incredible good taste and energy. 

    I will consult with my doctor before making the purchase. 

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Claudio,

      It sounds pretty good right:) I guessing your on other medications, so talking it over with your doctor would be a wise decision and I respect that. I know you would probably enjoy both of the flavor option by the sound of you palette. 

      Glad you enjoyed the review, many happy returns 


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