Proven Turmeric Immune System Results and Overview

  1. Is Turmeric Good For Your Immune System

    Turmeric as a whole plant is PACKED with a generous array of vital nutrients. With modern phyto chemical extractions, and the R&D of bio availability vs bio activity, Curcumin extract supplements from turmeric have been proven to be immune protective.

What Are Some Of The Vitamins And Minerals Contained In Turmeric?

Turmeric has more than 300 natural components which include:

  • Beta-Carotene
  • Abcorbic Acid (vitamin C)
  • Calcium Flavanoids
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Niacin
  • Zinc
  • Potassium and many more.

In the subject of turmeric for immune system benefits, mainly comes from the Vitamin C where 100 grams of this fresh root already contains 23.9 mg. of this crucial and amazing vitamin. We all know that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen the body’s immunity against harmful free radicals and diseases.

Another one of the benefits for Turmeric and immune health among its many nutrients is potassium. Potassium contained in turmeric helps regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. This makes this rhizome very good for people who are at risk of hypertension and heart disease.

It is also important to note that turmeric is a very rich source of Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6. Pyridoxine is found to be effective in the treatment of homocystinuria, anemia, and radiation illness. Which is what is making a supplement a great option for aiding people to feel better in Radiation therapies.

Niacin also helps in preventing dermatitis.

But the most important element that is unique to this medicinal rhizome is Curcumin. According to a study in 2006 which was written in the Journal of Natural Products. pure curcuminoids were found to be effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It is also said that turmeric may also help prevent bone loss. But since then turmeric and curcumin has been one of thee most studied and used plant in the new era of nutraceuticals

What Turmeric Does For Your Immune System

The Natural phytochemical involved with turmeric and immune system benefits

According to, curcumin in Turmeric is generally known for its anti-inflammatory effects which have been proven in the last two decades. It is also found to be a very good immunomodulatory agent that can regulate the activation of the body’s natural antibodies.


Studies have indicated that curcumin can adjust or modulate the production and activation of T-cells. Incidentally, these T-cells act as soldier cells against any harmful entity that enters the body. When low doses of curcumin are administered, the production of these cells is increased significantly. It then strengthens the body’s defenses against potential disease. On the reverse, however, high doses of curcumin suppress T-cell production which highlights the significance of the study. The point being when curcumin is administered in high doses, it actually does the opposite by suppressing the production of these T-Cells.

This indicates the potential of curcumin to be a direct medicinal tool in influencing the production of T-cells, this is whether for increase or to suppress. It then makes turmeric a valuable component in the process of directly controlling the production of antibodies in the event of advanced cases of autoimmune diseases in the body.

Suffice to say, we may have already found the cure to autoimmune problems.


Produced in the marrow, B-cells are responsible for generating specific antigens that develop into antibodies that kill bacteria. Curcumin is known to stop rogue lymphoma B-cels by decreasing its production, stopping full-blown cancer.


These cells are directly responsible for eating bad bacteria as they act as actual frontliners, being the killer white cells of the body. Curcumin can also modulate how these cells are produced, meaning turmeric has the capacity to increase or decrease their capability to kill cells. This is especially important when the body has already lost control of its immune defenses due to disease. In simple terms, turmeric can help control autoimmune response when the autoimmune defense is already damaged, and or when the body no longer has control over its immune system.

NK lymphoma (cancerous) Cells

In its natural state, NK cells serve as containment for dangerous viruses. Curcumin is also known to control rouge NK lymphoma cells that have become cancerous and altogether stop its production.

Dendritic Cells

It is also reported that Curcumin can stop the production of CD80, a component in the dendritic cell that is responsible for going rogue and causing an autoimmune disorder in the body.

Curcumin works in a way that it can keep the balance of the activities of these antibodies in our system which regulates production as well as preventing the overproduction of such cells in our body. This, in turn, stops autoimmune diseases that are the causes of illnesses in the body.

Conversely, curcumin also suppresses inflammatory cytokines, and chemokines via inactivation of transcription factor NF-kappaB. In other words, it also kills off factors that promote inflammation in the body. This dual-action in Turmeric consumption regulates the immune system which again, restores balance.

working turmeric for immune system analogy

Current Uses of Turmeric for Autoimmune Diseases

Just to mention a few of the diseases that are classified as autoimmune illnesses are: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiples sclerosis, diabetes, and other chronic diseases that have the body already attacking itself. It is still unknown as to why our body’s immune system starts to misfire. Curcumin as a polyphenolic compound taken from turmeric, has been, and is still used traditionally for pain and wound healing.

Its capacity to address autoimmune disease is currently based in recent studies that curcumin in low doses, administered over a long period of time may enhance the body’s immune system. That is, it assists the immune system to function properly and probably even bring healing to the body. This is especially true in the case of diseases such as the ones mentioned above.

On the other hand, using curcumin at higher doses will need extreme caution because of the fact that, instead of enhancing it can induce suppression of the immune system. With that being said, it will now depend on how studies will reveal what benefits it may provide in case of using curcumin for immune suppression purposes. Either way, turmeric evidently seems to positively impact autoimmune diseases by way of enhancement.

Current Uses of Turmeric To Fight Colds and Flu

With its anti-bacterial and high anti-oxidant properties, Turmeric is right up there with the rest of the superfoods that help reduce the symptoms of colds and flu. This wonder herb was cited for its potential in combating certain types of viruses too. The right term would be, bioactive compounds. These compounds that are contained in turmeric help in either stimulating or regulating the immune system. It definitely helps in fighting drug-resistant viruses that are causes of the common cold and even the flu.

Overall Immune System Benefits of Turmeric

prevent viral attack with turmeric for immune system benefits

Conclusively, for any necessary intervention in the case of autoimmune disease that may be present, curcumin when introduced in the body at low doses which are also known as the gradual consumption of turmeric, can gently enhance the production of antibodies. This then significantly reduces the symptoms of allergy, arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and most importantly and even possibly cancer.

These developments, according to the said studies may need further validation and research into curcumin’s ability in addressing these health concerns. Overall, these are also recent proofs that turmeric has held its own as the “medicine for the ages”. Although, it already has been recorded within the thousands of years of literature in ancient medicine. It is fortunate that we have rediscovered it in our time.

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  1. Turmeric is like a one big wonder that helps to boost a lot of things that is involved with our health system and immune system generally. I really like the way turmeric helps in overhauling and also boost the cells to function much better. Well! Like always, turmeric is a great supplement and it must also be used with cautions.  Thank you so much for widening my knowledge about it

    1. Hi Ella. I am always pleased and passionate to know that I am broadening the knowledge and awareness of turmeric curcumin. It is really quite an eye opener when you see what they have actually tested it for.

      all the best Rob

  2. I have used a lot of immune system booster over the space of 3 months due to this corona virus  of a thing and I know only few really worked…I have heard a lot of good news about this Turmeric immune system product but I haven’t tried it yet…I think I would try it and find out this time I would be very vigilant to site any changes.

    1. Hi David, very kind if you to drop by. I/we would be very interested to know what your vigilance says:) especially after trying many other things for your immune defense already. 

      To good Health

      Regards Rob

  3. I read an article published about two years ago which gives in detail what tumeric is all about and how it can shape out future in the health aspect. I think it really is doing that and in many ways, people actually believe that tumeric can really be of help in different ways to the body. Today, I am very happy that you can give this information about tumeric and how it is beneficial to our immune system. This is just perfect. Thanks!

    1. Good Day Riley. 

      Two year ago!? I still can’t believe how much this has been smudged, it has such  long track record even in modern science. However I do believe it is going to breakout.:) as more and more decide to give it a go, they can’t resist on confessing as to how much of a good difference it makes for them. 

      Cheers For Stopping


  4. This is a beneficial read. I was just about to reshuffle my supplement intake and was wondering if I should take some turmeric to help counter my stress level. I know chronic stress from workplaces can produce a lot of free-radicals in the body and I’m starting to see a lot of that on my skin. I have rashes on my back, pimples on my face and my skin don’t really glow like how it used to. If I’m taking this, I guess I can cut down on my Vitamin C since it’s redundant. 

    1. Hello Cathy, I greatly appreciate your acceptance of this article. You are right and the risk of free radicals is constantly increasing. Turmeric can help with may of your concerns relating to stress as well. I also invite you to check out how turmeric benefits skin health as you may like to try some DYI topical solutions there.

       I would say if you were to switch to a Turmeric supplement you could confidently fire your vitamin C supply:) 

      Best Regards Rob

  5. Hi Robert. Thank you for outlining all the uses turmeric has to fight COVID-19. Post as yours are worth sharing and that is exactly what I’ll do.

    When it comes to increasing the defensive mode of our immune system, there are easy hacks such as turmerics, but in most cases the populations doesn’t know about their benefits. I was personally impressed with the vitamins and minerals contained in turmerics.

    Is turmeric useful combating other illness that aren’t classified as autoimmune illnesses? Cancer for example?

    1. Hello Ann. It’s so great you enjoyed the information I too was blown away with the vitals Turmeric contains.:) The population are still very behind and perhaps blinded to how turmeric and other essential plant extracts are being studied and proving to be far superior to pharma as we know it. 

      YES Turmeric is a powerhouse to many other illness and you can stay up to date at this page. Latest Turmeric News. 

      I hope you well and away from the Covid19 threat.

      Many Blessings Rob

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