Does Turmeric For Diabetes Work? Turmeric And Diabetes Case Studies

Curcumin, the most active element of turmeric, has received considerable scientific attention since one researcher discovered its ability to reduce glycemia in one patient. Since then, a lot of papers have been published on the same. The rat is the most commonly used animal in the research of the effect of curcumin on glycemia.

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Let’s Have A Deep Look Into Turmeric And Diabetes And See Exactly How Does Turmeric Help Diabetes.

In this article we have looked into the multitude of laboratory studies and medical findings to how curcumin helps diabetes to make it very easy to understand and provide the viable information to make clear the natural capabilities of how turmeric benefits diabetes.

Results From 5 individual Studies With Turmeric And Diabetic Mice And Rats.

The various diabetic mice models employed revealed the following as far as the effect of curcumin on glycemia is concerned.

  1. The use of dietary turmeric (0.5% in diet plus ethanol/or hexane extraction for four weeks led to a significant reduction of blood glucose levels.
  2. In diet-induced obesity and the use of dietary curcumin (3%) led to a significant improvement of glycemic status (glucose tolerance, blood glucose, and hbA1c), and insulin sensitivity.
  3. In a different Model, 6 week dietary curcumin (0.2%) was beneficial in enhancing homeostasis in insulin resistance
  4. The use of 15mg per kg BMW of turmeric curcumin for 30 days suppressed high blood glucose in rats treated with sodium arsenite.
  5. In another case of induced obesity and insulin resistance, the oral administration of 50mg per kg BW for 15 days helped to improve glucose intolerance.

Following Lab Testing Lest See How Medical Studies Have Found Turmeric Benefits Diabetes.

Important Note: The use of the word turmeric typically refers to the active phytochemical agent “curcumin” inside the root and as a rule of thumb just 5% of turmeric has curcumin benefits.

Below are several other discoveries surrounding curcumin, diabetes, and related conditions.

Turmeric and Diabetes-Linked Liver Disease

Diabetic patients are prone to liver disorders, such as fatty liver disease. Going by the findings of various research studies, curcumin prevents the accumulation of liver fat. Its antilipolytic and anti-inflammatory properties may be responsible for these results. The oral administration of 45mg per day of curcumin for two months showed a pattern of decrease in total cholesterol as well as LDL cholesterol levels in 63 patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome.

Turmeric and the Management of Adipose Tissue Dysfunction

Adipose tissue plays a critical role in the regulation of whole-body homeostasis of glucose. One of the causes of type 2 diabetes is the deregulation of the secretion of adiponectin. According to recent studies, curcumin stimulates the differentiation of human adipocyte. It also suppresses the possible pileup of macrophages or activation of the same in adipose tissue by regulating the production of adiponectin.

Curcumin and the Control Of Diabetic Neuropathy

can turmeric for diabetes replace insulin

Neuropathic disorders associated with DM are referred to as diabetic neuropathy. Scientists suspect that these disorders are caused by among many other things, diabetic micro vascular injury. Professionals in the medical world have been using curcumin to control diabetic neuropathic diseases.


So How Does Turmeric Work To Fight Against Diabetes

Here 3 Main Ways Turmeric For Diabetes Works

  • The suppression of the development of diabetic cataracts by contrasting in reduced glutathione, lipid peroxidation, protein carbonyl content, as well as the activities of antioxidant enzymes.
  • The reduction of osmotic stress
  • Weakening cognitive deficits caused by diabetes.

The Use of Curcumin to Control Diabetic Nephropathy

A clinical syndrome, diabetic nephropathy is characterized by an elevation in arterial blood pressure, a progressive decrease in the rate of glomerular filtration, and persistent albuminuria. Unfortunately, this condition is one of the most prevalent long-term complications concerning mortality and morbidity for diabetes patients – mainly because it is the primary cause of chronic kidney disease.

By preventing chronic kidney disease, patients of diabetes can keep the associated complications at bay. One of the ways that curcumin helps is by preventing further renal damage. It also raises the levels of blood urea nitrogen, besides facilitating the clearance of urea and creatine. Curcumin also reduces albuminuria and enzymuria levels.

The Role of Turmeric in the Control of Diabetic Vascular Disease

Patients with diabetes are also prone to vascular disease. Diabetic vascular disease leads to the damage of small and large blood vessels all over the body. Curcumin fights this condition in numerous ways, such as suppressing the speedy pileup of age collagen as well as the cross-link of collagen.

how turmeic for diabetes can reduce statistics

Causing Conditions Where Turmeric Can Prevent Diabetes

Apart from the conditions mentioned above, curcumin has been seen to intervene positively in the management of several other complications linked to diabetes. They include;

  • Fighting musculoskeletol disease caused by diabetes – Turmeric works by decreasing tartrate resistant phostatase, as well as cathepsin K. The component’s ability to increase the body’s uptake of glucose into skeletal muscle also comes in handy.
  • Fighting erectile dysfunction – an early warning sign. Men who have diabetes almost always struggle with erectile dysfunction. Curcumin resolves this issue by heightening intracaverosal pressure.

The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Turmeric

Scientists have identified inflammation as one of the leading causes of diabetes. One of the ways of reducing new cases of diabetes is to get rid of underlying causes such as inflammation. One of the most beneficial impacts of turmeric for diabetes is found in its power to boost the immune system. One research study revealed that curcumin is capable of restoring trans membrane functionality as well as stiffening the fluidity of the membrane. This, in turn, restricts the release of pro-inflammatory factors even in the presence of high glucose. Here is a detailed article on turmeric for inflammation.

The Antioxidant Properties of Curcumin

A growing trend of evidence has demonstrated that increased amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) have something to do with diabetes. Some of the consequences of hyperglycemia include glucose anti oxidation, protein glycation, and the activation of the metabolism of polyol. These changes are known to speed up the generation of ROS, besides increasing oxidative chemical change of lipids, proteins, and DNA in various tissues.

Thanks To Its Antioxidant Properties, Turmeric Comes In Handy In Such A Scenario.

How does it work?

  1. Alongside other interventions, a curcumin dose abolishes ROS generation included by acetate, phorbol-12, and myristate-13.
  2. Curcumin blocks the formation of ROS, which leads to cellular apoptosis by obstructing apoptotic changes in blastocycts, methylglyoxal-triggered EC-B5, and human hepatoma G2 cells.
  3. When Taken orally, photo-irradiated curcumin has the potential to cause an almost normalization of the activities of the antioxidant enzyme as well as the lipid peroxidation marker levels
  4. Tuemric controls oxidative stress through inhibition of the increase in protein carbonls and TBARS, the reversal of altered antioxidant enzyme activities.

Curcuminoids versus Curcumin: And Turmeric And Diabetes Treatment

Curcumin and Diabetes Traditionally, turmeric has been associated with the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Some people believe this claim, and others haven’t bought into this idea. This post aims to let inform you how turmeric works in diabetes going by the findings of different scientific research studies.

The Effect of Curcumin on Glycemia

Curcuminoids share similar biological activities with curcumin, and they are also extracted from turmeric. While they also cause a significant reduction in the increase of blood glucose levels, they are better than curcumin on the aspects of solubility and bio availability. However, the new formulations of curcumin have more bio availability than before.

Modern scientific research has confirmed the otherwise “traditional” claims that curcumin plays a vital role in the treatment and prevention of diabetes and the associated disorders. This turmeric extract has the power to affect the leading causes of diabetes, such as insulin resistance, islet apoptosis, necrosis, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. Further, curcumin can effectively prevent detrimental complications of diabetes.

Reports from clinical trials of this turmeric extract are only available in the use of treatment to treat diabetic retinopathy, microangiopathy, and nephropathy. A lot still needs to be done to confirm the benefits of curcumin in the treatment of diabetes and other associated disorders. Scientists also need to embrace multiple approaches to overcome the challenges of poor solubility and bio availability of curcumin. If all these can be done, turmeric will be among the best therapeutic agents for diabetes.

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  1. Hi Rob
    I suffer from Diabetes 2 and also arthritis
    My feet are effected now and also my liver and kidneys get checked every month as they are also affected by diabetes
    This article gives me hope and I would love to connect with you and get more assistance along the way

    1. Hi Vicki.
      I am sorry to hear about you suffering. However that is what drives my passion to learn all about Curcuminoids can help in all it’s various ways.

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  2. Hi, Robert.
    Thanks for sharing the unmatched information on use of turmeric for diabetes.
    We always use Turmeric for curries and regular food, we even use turmeric for joint pain treatment.
    Its an added information with details that turmeric can also be used for diabetes and its related subproblems. Curcumin is for sure very beneficial for us.
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    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Gaurev. 

      Thank you got your kind appreciation and comment here. 

      What interesting that I should be looking into further and update to the site, is the evidence to suggest that diabetes in your region and others that regularly use it is much lower.Awesome suggestion:)

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  3. Emmanuel Buysse

    I’ve seen this in the news. It is very promising, and I really hope it will help against diabetes, more and more people are suffering from it, so a cure is very important. My father in law also struggle with it, so this could be very good news. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Your most welcome Emmanuel. Its really great that news outlet are letting the cat out of the bag with turmeric. And it would be great for your father in law to be in on some early treatments and perhaps offering this as reference to talk to his doctor about the treatment of diabetes will open some doors.

      Cheers Rob

  4. It’s well known that curcumin has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which is good for the body especially in preventing diabetes. It can also improve memory and helps to mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety. You have thoroughly explained the benefits of curcumin  and how it can help to fight diabetes and their related diseases. When it come’s to prevention, it’s my choice to opt for natural supplements because I feel it’s much safer to take. It doesn’t put additives and synthetic substance. Thanks for sharing what you know. Here in our country, bitter gourd and it’s leaves are well known to lower diabetes.

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hello MissusB. 
      Thank you again for your wealth of compliments and support. I really enjoy your contributions and am thoroughly intrigued with you cultural natural alternatives with turmeric and other complimentary plants:). I would love to know more about bitter gourd also.? I have not heard about this before. 

      Some researchers have begun to combine Turmeric with CBD oil for it ability to improve each others properties.And if bitter gourd has had a proven track record in your country perhaps we could get this into the Science with Turmeric for Diabetes also.

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  5. By what you are explaining, I can see that Turmeric can really help Diabetics.  There are still unseen benefits of Turmeric for diabetes but it will still play a higher role to treat diabetics in people. 

    I don’t have experience in this but I have a friend that is diabetic and she never miss taking her shots, known as taking her injections.  She is sometimes embarrassed to take her shots when there are people around,  but she goes into another room of course to take her necessary shots.  

    People should not be embarrassed about this,  it’s the way the way they have to live their lives. 

    Thank you for this information and all the best.

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Thank you for sharing Aabudah. 

      I can totally understand how your friend feels. There are many people who hold the fear of being judged from having diabetes and commonly being overweight. Typically its not there fault, but more of the food we are supplied by commercialism etc. I will be looking for Case study applicants to sponsor very soon to be displayed on my youtube channel @ OrGainIt Health Revelations to display the power turmeric has to combat diabetes.

      Of course there will be conditions but this will be very exciting and possibly worth your friend subscribing:)  

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  6. Hi. Very interesting post on Turmeric. I have Type 2 diabetes and am currently taking two different meds to keep it under control. I find that taking vitamins geared to weight loss and fat burning help lower my blood glucose levels, but not enough to stop taking meds. I checked my vitamins and they don’t contain turmeric. I’m curious how effective it’s been for you? How much does it drop your blood glucose?



    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Michael. I don’t personally have diabetes, however I started with turmeric for weight loss which has led to the development of this Information website:) However there are a couple of links at the beginning of the article to some turmeric and diabetes case studies.

      I am currently performing my own case study with my mother which is in its second month and I will be publishing here and at the OrgainIT Health Revelations Youtube Channel.  Her results are going well and her doctor is confident that she can lower her insulin dose which is great:) Her Glucose is steady at good levels and she does have an uncontrollable sweet tooth. lol

      The hardest part is believing I know. But turmeric has very good performing phytochemicals that are out doing many of the Medication’s including those used for diabetes.

      Many Regards 


  7. This was most certainly a deep dive into the value that Tumeric and Curcumin can have when it comes to treating diabetes and associated maladies that you can suffer from. I was very convinced that these two supplements need to be a part of my diet.

    Not only can they help with diabetes they also can lower inflammation, help prevent liver problems, and so many other things that you have highlighted. Tumeric and Curcumin and regular ingredients in many of the foods that I eat over here in Dubai, especially the Indian foods use a lot in their recipes.

    The one concern is the ability of them to be absorbed and used by the body, and I do hope that the researchers will continue to study ways to make these two products even more useful. Is it more effective to consume them both in our foods or are the supplements the better way to get them into our system do you think? 

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Dave. 

      Many thanks, it was certainly an extensive look into turmeric for diabetes and took a mountain of literature cover to break it down so most people can understand. The development of supplements are far more superior to combat conditions such as diabetes. As progression continues breakthroughs in absorption and targeting to specific diseases are being fine tuned and a high quality supplement is the way to go:).

      Thanks for stopping by  

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