Turmeric For ED! Powerful Ways Turmeric Kills Erectile Dysfunction

Welcome Guys, I want you to be rest assured, I know that ED can come about for multiple reasons, but I am please to able to offer you a little rest assurance from the power of turmeric for ED that it not only helped me feel manly again, but using turmeric for erectile dysfunction helped me treat and manage all of the related causes

  • Physical health problems: ED can be caused by a variety of physical health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.
  • Psychological factors: ED can also be caused by psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Medications: Some medications, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications, can cause ED as a side effect.
  • Lifestyle factors: Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use can also contribute to ED.
  • Age: ED is more common in men as they get older.
  • Trauma: Injury to the penis or pelvic area can also cause ED.

Turmeric keeps providing hope for those suffering medical conditions worldwide, both inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Curcumin has been shown to be a natural, effective, and harmles relief against such problems and diseases such as arthritis, eczema or even cancer. In this article, we turn to examine the benefits of using turmeric against Erectile Dysfunction, or commonly known as Limp Dick.

how is turmeric good for erectile dysfunction works gets 5 star reviews

How Can Turmeric Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Although the uses of turmeric for erectile dysfunction have not been as widely researched as say, its benefits against cancer or arthritis, research on the topic is rapidly expanding. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that curcumin, the naturally occurring molecule which gives turmeric much of its medicinal properties, was effective in curing erectile dysfunction.

The research that was conducted for using turmeric for treating diabetes by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine used laboratory rats with Type 2 Diabetes. One of the techniques used was rubbing an onguent (cream) on their bellies and genital’s.  They were able to notice a change in inflammatory patterns of the specimens. It was during this study it became suggested to them that turmeric could very well be useful to treat erectile dysfunction.

Although no research has been conducted on humans yet. Mainly due to conflict of interest and funding, the results of the research do suggest a strong link between the effects of turmeric, and its ability to address the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

In fact, while we hope to see more clinical research being conducted on human patients soon, we may have to wait a bit longer for scientific conclusive results. Despite turmeric being found to have a fantastic array of medicinal properties it is still currently under-researched. This is because turmeric is a plant rather than a drug which can be patented, meaning the pharmaceutical industry is reticent to invest in extensive and costly research on its effects.

is turmeric good for erectile dysfunction good with a supplement

There has also been other clinical trials on the effect of turmeric to treat diseases in humans have shown that it is a very harmless “drug”. Turmeric has only been shown to be dangerous in very rare cases when ingested in enormous quantities or when Turmeric Adulteration is involved.

When applied topically however, it is one of the most harmless remedies that has been found to help with conditions such as skin cancer or eczema for example. So although the evidence on the benefits of turmeric for erectile dysfunction is still minimal, this powerful plant deserves some attention for turmerics ability to treat inflammatory illnesses without any side effects.

How Turmeric Works For Erectile Dysfunction?Check Out These Facts.

  1. Turmeric could be particularly effective to treat erectile dysfunction because of a chemical that it contains, known as curcumin. Curcumin is what gives turmeric its potent yellow color. But most importantly, it gives it most of its anti-inflammatory properties as well. By playing on inflammatory markers, turmeric helps increase vasodilation in the genital area. Vasodilation is the dilation of blood vessels, in other words, increased vasodilation means a larger influx of blood to that area of the body.
  2. Not only can turmeric be effective for treating erectile dysfunction, it may also be more potent than some other common chemical drugs. For one, scientists have found that turmeric stays in the body for longer and offers longer lasting benefits. In the rats that were studied in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine study, the effects of turmeric were observed over 24 hours after the onguent was applied to the bodies of the rats.
  3. Furthermore, while other drugs such as Viagra also treat erectile dysfunction by increasing vasodilation, they usually do so with some side effects, and may be less pleasant to use. With using a turmeric-based cream, there are no side-effects (except if one were to develop a rare allergic reaction to the plant), and there is no risk of overdosing.
  4. Finally, not all erectile dysfunction medicine is effective. In fact, erectile dysfunction is one of the most heavily researched medical problem, as it causes real physical and psychological distress to the men affected from it. But at present, drugs such as Viagra haven’t been shown to be effective in more than 60 or 70% of patients. Turmeric may be more effective as it is readily absorbed by the system when applied topically. Furthermore, it may provide an alternative for those men whose bodies are resistant to the effects of Viagra.

 What Is The Best Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Turmeric

For many health conditions, turmeric supplements are prescribed. Patients are instructed to take a turmeric pill, or to increase its presence in their diet day to day. However, the current state of medical research suggest that ingesting turmeric is not helpful for treating erectile dysfunction. Instead, it may be best used as a topical ointment. That is because when curcumin is ingested, it goes into the digestive system and is not redirected by the body toward the genital area. Using a turmeric-based cream is the best way to make sure that the turmeric is coming into direct contact with the zone that requires increased blood-flow.

Home Made Recipe to Treat ED With Turmeric Cream

A natural and quick home made recipe for Turmeric Cream can be made using only ingredients already present in your cupboard. Simply take dry turmeric spice, and mix it with some olive, sunflower or essential oil until the mixture is not grainy and has a rich, yellow color. The mixture can then be applied directly on the skin surrounding the genital’s area, as well as directly on the genital’s. This is a very cheap and easy way to get some of the benefits of turmeric for erectile dysfunction.

However, there is an even better way to make turmeric cream. As discussed earlier, turmeric is effective in treating erectile dysfunction because it contains curcumin. Unfortunately, a lot of curcumin is destroyed in turning the turmeric root into a powder. This is why we would recommend using turmeric oil instead. Turmeric oil has been infused directly with turmeric root, rather than its powder, and thus contains a lot more curcumin. Turmeric oil can be found in specialized health shops and on the internet. It often comes highly concentrated, so we recommend that you mix it with another carrier oil, or with a butter such as Shea or cocoa.

Serious Mans Guide To Conquer Erectile Dysfunction With Turmeric

turmeric for Ed worled eben while I smoked cigarettes

I am myself a self-induced sufferer who knows very well the experience of having a horrible limpness with disappointing expectations to be MANLY with my wife. Discovering this power from how Turmeric is good for Erectile Dysfunction has been most exciting. So its only natural I want to offer you a personal action plan to use turmeric for ED to get the Maximum potential to quickly feel the effects:) to get your MOJO back the bedroom.

My Favorite Turmeric For Ed Treatment Supplements

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  2. Cut You Some Slack

    Bro, I feel ya it's no fun loosing that 1 ability to really feel Manly. But we gotta cheer up dude, feel some excitement that you have hope in good nutrient. Start training, exercising and doing some fun stuff.

  3. Make It Romantic

    studying to discover verified turmeric researchMake yourself or get made by your supporting partner some turmeric cream for ED. Or alternatively purchase pharmaceutical grade from a local store and start using it.!
    In all reality a bit of turmeric cream on the skin is going tp be good for the both of you:)

  4. Go All In

    alternative plant based supplements also helping with EDIt is easy for me to keep this entire story and study to be purely about turmeric for ED but the truth is It wouldn't be fair of me to not tell you of other natural plant based extracts that do in deed target areas that need rejuvenation. Where infact there are more unfolding all the time. Do some research yourself, or take a look latest in Natural ED Treatment by Clicking Here

Turmeric Vs CBD

Natural remedies have swiftly carved themselves a significant niche in contemporary healthcare, with many individuals…

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20 thoughts on “Turmeric For ED! Powerful Ways Turmeric Kills Erectile Dysfunction”

  1. Yep turmeric is amazing i have tried it to my partner in iess than 2hour i was shocked seeing my hubby horny like that i have just given him water in a glass n half teaspoon turmeric kikik im happy again

    1. Thats so exciting to hear always. You must welcome him back from the brink from me. Yes I know the joy:) And I honestly loved the rejuvenation I witnessed from my own wife! Thank you very much for your testify against turmeric for ED.

  2. I’ve read quite a bit on Turmeric during my surf through the Internet and I’ve learnt about some of its benefits to human health but not of its ability to combat Erectile dysfunction, thanks to this post. Its very useful and educating, you’ve list some of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction with turmeric. This post contains a lot of useful information and I believe it’ll help people understand more about turmeric. Thanks

    1. Your welcome Jones. It continually surprises me over and over. I am pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the article. What’s most cool is IT WORKS:)! 

      Thanks for stopping 


  3. Hi Robert,

    It is amazing what Turmeric can do! 

    I understand the frustrations of men and husbands when they develop erectile dysfunction. How embarrassed they could be in the bedroom. But a very understanding wife or partner would be very helpful.

    Going back to Turmeric, research as treatment for humans or men with ED is an exciting breakthrough. Do you know if some institutions have started some studies already?

    In the meantime, the self made topical cream looks messy and gross lol! But of course, if it would help, why not?

    Thanks for this very informative post.


    1. Hi Marita, Thanks for the noted support, 

      I agree and having a supportive wife helps, alot. I think we imagine the mess to be worse than it actually is but it works, its natural and its not just a quick fix turmeric does remedy the inflammatory problem.:) I am looking at an institution in Taiwan who have done specific Turmeric For ED case studies, and different solutions which I will be updating here in the near future.

      Kind Regards Rob

  4. Whao, it is amazing to see that tumeric can not only cure arthritis, alzemier but can also work to cure erectile dysfunction.  This is unbelievable. If this truly work, it will be a great help for people in that condition. We can be using curcumin to treat different illness at the same time or does each illness has different dose or quantity?

    1. Hey Stella. It is. the rejuvenating properties refined into chemical compound’s are where the complete benefits are really at. A standardized supplement is good for treating/preventing many things like ED. And advancements are being made in both how it absorbs in the body as well as it’s activity. So for some of the more serious diseases like cancer and say chronic depression a BCM Curcumin Extract is the best form thus far.:)

      Thanks for stopping 

      All the best Rob

  5. Turmeric has been quite popular in alternative and natural medicine. I’ve been hearing a lot that it can prevent heart problems and treats most skin diseases. I myself, use it as a face mask along with milk or apple cider vinegar. I sometimes mix it with bamboo charcoal as teeth whitening agent. However, this is the first time that I heard about it being researched for erectile dysfunction.  

    Knowing that this could be more effective than viagra is astonishing, but knowing that it’s much safer to use is one of a kind. Do you have any idea how often turmeric cream should be applied and how long is the duration to see positive effect?  Thank you for sharing scientific information about turmeric. I also hope pharmaceutical companies will invest in a larger scale of research about turmeric. It’s got big potential to treat a lot of medical problems in a natural and safest way.

    1. Hi MissisB

      That is nice to hear about your uses of turmeric, I will have to look into it’s use for oral effectiveness:) I agree and I have wind of a Taiwanese medical research looking into treating ED with Turmeric and I am currently working on the translation from their studies.

      For a positive results from using a topical cream result are experience quickly. and recommended to continue application for around 6 weeks for fortified results around the genital inflamed area.:)

      Very pleased you enjoyed the info here:)

      All the best Rob

  6. Wow, I never heard of using turmeric for E.D.  I have always used it for anti-inflammatory pain and  digestive uses.  I like the idea of making a paste with carrier oil.  Does it stain the skin?  I wonder if taking the digestible pills along with applying the cream will really double the effect.  Thanks for sharing this lesser known use for turmeric.  


    1. Hi Jay, its great you have already used and have experience in some of what turmeric can help you with. As for making the paste, it has no long term staining and washes off in the shower:) I do believe that taking a curcumin extracted pill for ED more than doubles the effect and potentially as it resets the bodily function helps to being more of a long term Cure For Erectile Dysfunction as it does treat many other neuro impacts that can be trigger also.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Regards Rob

  7. Excellent article you have written up here concerning turmeric and the potential benefits of bring used to treat erectile dysfunction. Though I know other benefits that turmeric serves, but seeing that it could be used to cure erectile dysfunction is amazing. Like you stated that no proper research has been done on it yet but I am really keeping my fingers crossed to know what possibly could be the outcome of any research undertaken on this. This would be ground breaking.

    1. Hi Ramos. It will be ground breaking to say the least and I am looking so forward to getting first hand insight as turmeric for ED research is compiling:). However Like I have said a few times just with my own experience, the result will indeed be giving curcuminoids another big tick toward super-food stardom.

      Thanks for stopping bro! I appreciate the talk:)

      Regard Rob

  8. Interesting article. I know there are a lot of super foods out there – garlic and ginger being examples – but had no idea turmeric also helped relieved a lot of common symptoms.

    Interesting to see that turmeric is one of those natural remedies that can potentially help with erectile dysfunction. There should be more research using natural ingredients (plant based or otherwise), its better for the body in the long run.

    1. Hi Mark. 

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to chime in with your interest. Turmeric does relieved a lot of the symptoms and it also gets to the heart of the many different causes of ED:). 

      I am currently looking into some recent studies from Taiwan. It is a lot recent but is taking a little longer due t the need for translate but it i looking very good thus far so an update will be made in the coming weeks. 

      All the best


  9. I think this is a great solution to explore. Because tumeric is not expensive and you can get  fresh ones easily or even plant your own. I agree that digesting your tumeric in your food may not give the best result. But using it directly in a  precise area is better and will lead to better result. So, like for any Other natural treatment, you have to be consistant and patient to see any improvement.


    1. Hi Adyns, 

      Glad you enjoyed it, Turmeric used topically is a very cheap and well proven natural formula:) Growing your own and having it Fresh is the best for food ingestion providing you eat it with some black pepper and an oill base. But as a recipe to treat it is seen to be best from a dried powder form. Providing it has a quality stamp as some low grade store supplies do contain adulteration limiting the quality and the curcumin levels.

      Otherwise. It Works:) 

      Nice of you to stop by. Cheers Ron

  10. Oh, I can tell that erectile dysfunction isn’t a really good thing for the men. It’s a very sensitive topic you have chosen here and I can tell you really do know about it. Seeing that tumeric is not yet fully researched yet but is proving positive tocases of erectile dysfunction is a good thing. I think one the log run, it will take over from drugs like Viagra. The cream is not bad and you have given tips on how to use it.

    1. Hi John, Yes I have experience with ED and the feelings that come with the problem. 

      The cream actually works well:) to much of a surprise I even went the extra mile to source a more pure organic supply after finding that most supermarket supply chains have a low curcumin volume.

      I actually believe now that consuming more turmeric or taking a turmeric supplement can potentially remove the need for pills like Viagra or Cialis. I am curently evaluating some prominent studies and clinical trial from Taiwan specifically for turmeric for ED and will have this info updating in the near future,

      Cheers for chimming in here:)

      Regards Rob

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