Turmeric For Gum Disease

Turmeric has provided me with many different and surprising benefits that has added to my quality of life. And I continue to enjoy discovering new facts and keeping up with the latest turmeric discoveries from science and medical fields. 🙂 But this turmeric for gum disease article I reveal some embarrassing and personal faults to both help myself and to encourage you to see and believe that there is bonified truth behind the healing power inside this amazing spice.

Robert Explains how turmeric for gum disease helped him

I have been a creature of bad habit and lack of self discipline where it comes to oral hygiene. And at the ripe old age of my mid forty’s it is becoming very transparent. Please don’t judge or be too disgusted, but the revealing image below is that of my own teeth and gums.

As you could imagine the condition of my gum disease was not only unhealthy, it also caused me much distress and often painful times.

My Personal Turmeric And Gum Disease Testomonial

Wiggly teeth and bleeding gums were a real big thing before turning to turmeric for help. My first discovery was from an experiment to combat the excruciating pain I was experiencing. After learning that the curcumin in turmeric had a pain relief rating equivalent to the likes of Panadol and ibuprofen I decided to make a quick mix of manuka honey, coconut oil and raw turmeric to apply to my gums and loose teeth. Pain killers weren’t helping, but after applying my home made topical solution I was overwhelmed from the results.

Robert mouth before turmeric and gum disease treatments

Being in a relatively healthy body other than gum disease this experiment also gave me the encouraging insight as to how powerful it works for the most common benefit, which is how turmeric helps inflammation. But I kid you not just 5 minutes from applying the above solution my mouth was at ease and the following day much less inflamed. I might have lost one other tooth since the above picture was taken which is unfortunate that I hadn’t used turmeric to treat my gum disease soon enough. But it is working wonders and overall the condition of my teeth and gums are much better. So without further ardue lets look into the studies I have revealed for how turmeric helps gum disease.

What Does Medical And Scientific Studies Say About Turmeric For Gum Disease Use.

Turmeric has been known for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. However, it’s only recently that modern medicine has studied its applications for specific conditions with clinical trials. Today, we are starting to understand more about the many benefits that turmeric can have for mouth health. From whitening teeth to fighting infections and even gum diseases, it seems like turmeric can do it all. Here’s a closer look at how turmeric can cure gum disease and the latest science that supports those claims.

  1. Is Turmeric Good For Gum Disease

    Gum pain is one of the most common complaints that people have when they go to the dentist’s. It is generally caused by an excess of plaque, or by food that gets stuck in the gums. When bacteria accumulates in the mouth, it causes something called “plaque”, which over time can do real harm to both teeth and gums.
    When gums become inflamed because of bacteria in the mouth, they become very tender and painful. In many cases, people may experience bleeding gums when washing their teeth. In the worst situation, gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth.
    Fortunately, turmeric offers a solution for dealing with gum disease. Recent research has found that turmeric could reduce bacteria in the mouth. As a result, it helps to prevent the formation of plaque. Less plaque means less chances for gums to become inflammed, which is great news for people with gum disease.
    In fact, something as simple as using a turmeric-based mouthwash every day, or applying a turmeric gel to your gum could greatly help to reduce pain in the gums. Not only is turmeric anti-inflammatory, but it is also anti-bacterial, and a natural painkiller. In other words, it addresses all the causes and symptoms of gum disease, making it a particularly effective form of treatment.

Turmeric and Gum Disease Case Studies

We know from a wealth of different studies that turmeric has anti-bacterial properties. We also know that it can fight inflammation in the body, and serve as a natural painkiller. All of these elements allow us to suggest that it might be effective against gum disease. But what does the science actually say?

In a 2011 study, scientists examined the effects of a turmeric-based mouth wash on oral health. The results were impressive. They found that by using a turmeric mouth wash for just 21 days, the people observed had a significantly lower microbial count. In other words, turmeric killed bacteria in their mouthes. As we might expect, this lower microbial count also resulted in a decrease in plaque. Because plaque is such a key factor in developing gum disease, we have good reason to believe that turmeric can really work for people with painful or inflammed gum. In fact, the scientists behind the study concluded that turmeric mouthwash could be used as a form of prevention for gingivitis.

In 2013, researchers decided to take research on turmeric for oral health to the next level. They took data from dozens of studies on the effects of turmeric, and compiled them to see the results. What they found was that turmeric could be very useful in treating a number of oral health conditions. For example, turmeric can help with tooth pain and gum pain, fight mouth cancer and prevent inflammation. They concluded that turmeric, used in a mouthwash, in a gel or in a paste could be a useful way to treat oral health issues.

Interesting huh? See how Turmeric Fights Cancer Studies here

What these two studies tell us is that turmeric is an effective way to prevent and cure gum disease. Turmeric can lower pain and inflammation when patients already suffer from gum disease. Not only that, it can also help to prevent gum disease by destroying bacteria, and preventing the formation of plaque. Overall, it is a very promising, natural way of addressing this painful oral health condition.

How to make your own turmeric gel for gum disease

When you know all about the many benefits of turmeric for your mouth, it’s easy to see why you should use it everyday. There are a couple of ways to do that. In some studies, patients were asked to swish a turmeric-based mouthwash in their mouthes for about a minute each day. In other cases, a turmeric toothpaste was used.

good quality ingredients used for turmeric paste for gum disease

However, we have reason to believe that a turmeric gel may be more effective than either of these things in treating gum disease. For turmeric to work its wonders, it needs time to stay in the mouth, That’s why we recommend that you make your own turmeric gel. This can be used everyday, simply by massaging it into the gums after you brush your teeth. Leave it in your mouth for a good 5 to 15 minutes, and simply rinse with water.

That turmeric-based gel will not only fight bacteria, it can also help you manage the pain of gum disease—and even whiten your teeth! Here’s how to make it, and what you’ll need:


1 teaspoon of turmeric

2 teaspoons of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of baking soda

(optional) 3 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Time Needed : 4 minutes

I can’t get much simpler to and cost effective to begin treating your gum disease with turmeric than this. Just gather the ingredients above and follow these steps below to apply.

  1. Turmeric and Baking Soda

    To make this gel, you’ll need to start by measuring out equal amounts of turmeric powder and baking soda, and mixing them into a small bowl.

  2. Coconut Oil

    Next, you’ll want to melt your coconut oil in a small saucepan or in the microwave for just a couple of minutes. Only leave it in as long as it needs to melt, but don’t get it too hot.

  3. Mix Together

    Combine the melted coconut oil together with the turmeric paste, and mix until they are well combined.

  4. Optional Insurance

    This is an optional step. If you wish, you can add 3 drops of an essential oil of your choice to the mixture. Some essential oils like tea tree “i still use manuka honey” can add anti-bacterial properties to your paste. Others, like peppermint or lemon may simply make the taste of the gel more palatable if you don’t like the strong taste of turmeric.

  • One Small Bowl
  • One Tea Spoon
  • Alternative to raw whole powder I have opted to use Turmeric Curcumin Extract from a reputable supplement for obvious extra potency. A great option is this Vita Balance Turmeric Curcumin Plus brand:)

Last Words On the Power For Turmeric and Gum Disease

Hey I hope you have both gain courage and inspiration from this overview of using turmeric for gum disease. If you are a sufferer I highly recommend beginning you journey to combat it right away. If you have any concerns or questions please get InTouch in the comment section below:)..

Lastly I would like to add that although I have offered a simple recipe here you can also think outside the square a little more “like I do” and get some softgel supplements like quinol liquid turmeric and bite down on them to explode in your mouth. Some may not like the taste but i think its worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Turmeric For Gum Disease”

  1. I have made a turmeric paste with turmeric and black pepper I rub it on my gums and teeth everyday I was told by dentist I was going to lose my teeth was going to cost me a fortune so I went online and found this recipe I leave it on for about 1/2 hour and it sinks in to the gums I will try your recipe can you use normal honey cause I have some of that at home

    1. Hi Sharon.
      It is so great you are giving it a go. I bet you are getting great relief from applying turmeric to your affected areas?
      And yes SURE you can use normal honey, however if possible I would recommend a RAW type.

      My teeth and gums are doing well and on the mend. I would love to hear any and all of your results too:)

      Many Regards Rob

  2. I know that turmeric powder contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. When utilized as a toothpaste, turmeric can help create an environment where bacteria die. It’s very effective. Now, my advice for anybody reading this is to mix turmeric with water to create a paste, and then brush with it two times a day. It’s an awesome way to keeping gum disease under control.

    1. Hi Ann.

      Thanks for that simple add:) for sure something as simple as just that recipe will help with positive results. 

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