How Turmeric For Depression Works! Studies And Recommended Dosage

One in every ten American adults suffers depression at any given time, and this rise in numbers of teenagers suffering with mental health is even more alarming. While the standard care entails the use of prescription drugs, the patient has to deal with a load of side effects.

Quick Video Overview Of Turmeric And Depression.

Unfortunately, the efficacy of these drugs decreases throughout the treatment period in the majority of patients. As such, depressed persons have no option but to learn to cope with their mood disorder.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. Researchers have identified a specialized complex of curcumin capable of fighting the effects of depression.

A turmeric for depression consists on the extract, (curcumin) and has proved to fight depression by targeting the underlying causes.

Turmeric for depression in adults and teenagers
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16 thoughts on “How Turmeric For Depression Works! Studies And Recommended Dosage”

  1. Hi, Robert.
    Thanks for sharing your views on how the turmeric works for depression. With a large number of people, especially the younger generation, suffering from depression this information is of great use. As you suggested, the correct dose of turmeric is the success mantra. I think the supplement you suggested is ideal in this regard, and I will surely try it.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Good day Gaurav, thanks for stopping by. 

      I think your right, and depression although does get attention in the media, is very underrated especially in our youth. Many get ignored until its too late which is a real shame. I am grateful for the research that has gone into proving how does turmeric work for depression among other natural plants. 

      I also love that I am reaching folks like yourself who can see how Nutrients can be an answer. Which really should come as not so much surprise giving the processed diet we are commonly on today..

      Many blessings Rob

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for writing such an informative and interesting post on Turmeric/Curcumin and depression, I know it will be a help to people and families that are trying to cope with depression and haven’t been able to so far with prescribed medication. Its interesting that depression may be linked to inflammation in the brain, Turmeric/Curcumin is a well known anti-inflammatory the studies that you have referenced seem to bear this fact out. All in all Turmeric/Curcumin seems to be a worthwhile efficient natural way to treat depression.

    Well done,


    1. Good day Fintan. It’s so great to hear the surprise regarding this insight. I myself wasn’t expecting to uncover how turmeric can work with depression. But it is full of un labeled surprises like the recent Turmeric for ED discovery which was rewarding and great timing for me.:) 

      It is important that I reference relevant links I have used for my individual studies to add the verification.

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Regards Rob

  3. Wow, I never knew that Tumeric also works for depression as well. I think that it is very cool though. I have been battling with issues relating to depression for a while now but I have been given some medications that just didnt work. I was looking for something natural that will have natural effects on me. I am very happy that you have provided that. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Henderson,
      So glad you found it here well. I a was really surprised myself to discover the case studies against Turmeric and Prozac. It is quite amazing how much sharper the mind is after being on a good dose in such a short while.

      I hope it goes very well for you:)
      Many Regards Rob

  4. I have used turmeric in the past but have to admit I wasn’t very consistent in the regularity in which I used it. I would miss days and then remember and then forget again. That said, it would be hard to say for certain whether there were any benefits. I still have the bottle in the medicine cabinet and I can concur that the dosage is really high, certainly when you compare it to standard levels that are recommended for other supplements and multi-vitamins.

    I am keen to try it again, that’s why I kept the bottle for reference. As both an anti-inflammatory and an aid to stave off the grips of depression, it is defintitley something worth pursuing. Your article has provided me with plenty of information, backed up by case studies and your advice on practices for purchase will be very useful indeed. Many thanks.

    1. Hey Mr Romero. I am a little surprised that you felt you didn’t notice much. I noticed an increase in energy relatively quickly. However like you said being inconsistent, and perhaps you are worse at remembering to take pills that I would imagine. 🙂 That you are missing out. If you suffer from moments of depression I recommend you set an alarm an finish that bottle of as recommended and I am sure you will feel much sharper.. 

      I am really glad I have prompted perhaps another round now you know how turmeric works for depression.

      All the best Rob

  5. Hmm, so then do you have a favorite Turmeric product you can recommend for social anxiety and depression? I’m on Bupropion and Lamotragene (sp?) and have been searching for more natural remedies to at least help dampen the “side effects” of depression and anxiety. Or the symptoms, whatever you want to call it. I have never tried Turmeric but if you could point me to your recommended Turmeric brand I would really thank you.

    1. Hi Julz. I really appreciate you sharing here, looking into the meds your on you must be suffering from a unfair strike of depression. I would recommend the most used with the best result from the case study trials from turmeric and depression which is the Liquid C3 Complex which you can find right here

      Thats is a very reputable brand who sources it’s ingredient from the leading producers and developers of curcuminoid extraction. I really hope it goes well for you. Be sure to come back if you need any further assistance.

      Many sincere Regards


  6. From someone that has chronic inflammation I can tell you that it is probably the cause of my depression symptoms. I have noticed that my depression goes down when my inflamation goes down. I love tumeric and curcumin I found both as I was researching my own symptoms trying to fight inflamation the natural way as I do not like the side affects of most meds.

    1. Greetings Cav. 

      Trying a good Turmeric for inflammation will be a great experience. I must thank you for sharing your testament to verify that link. I know that inflammation causing depression is overwhelmingly unknown, and the evidence and personal experience in how turmeric relieves depression is an important piece of knowledge many families can benefit from.

      I hope it goes well for you:)

      Many thanks Rob

  7. Dear Robert, what a great website.  I have had years of ups and downs with depression and did not like the “prescribed” medications that my doctor gave me.  I hoped there was a better natural solution, and here you have just offered it.  Thank You So Much!  I wish you all the best, Krista

    1. Hi Krista, Thank you so much for commenting and I am so please I have given you enthusiasm to consider using turmeric as a natural solution:) It truly is effective and I know you will feel so much better with a more consistent happier mood. 

      Wish you the very best.

      Many Regards Rob 

  8. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for our family. My wife has a high stress job. During the day time, she stressed out and in the evening she is depressed. She went to doctor, who suggested her to use depression prescriptions. We are hesitantly to use drugs right now.

    Here comes your article. The natural way to combat the depression. I am going to show your article to my wife and to discuss how we could use turmeric to improve her conditions.

    I bookmarked your webpage and will study it in detail. It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. 

    1. Hi Anthony.
      It’s actually a blessing for me knowing this can perhaps inspire the alternative. I would enjoy hearing your wifes thoughts too. That stress is the lead to the inflammation causing many of us to experience depression.

      Wish you both the very best

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