How Turmeric For Depression Works! Studies And Recommended Dosage

One in every ten American adults suffers depression at any given time, and this rise in numbers of teenagers suffering with mental health is even more alarming. While the standard care entails the use of prescription drugs, the patient has to deal with a load of side effects. Unfortunately, the efficacy of these drugs decreases throughout the treatment period in the majority of patients. As such, depressed persons have no option but to learn to cope with their mood disorder. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Researchers have identified a specialized complex of curcumin capable of fighting the effects of depression. A turmeric for depression consists on the extract, (curcumin) and has proved to fight depression by targeting the underlying causes.

Turmeric for depression in adults and teenagers

How turmeric works against depression

Several research studies have shown that curcumin is capable of improving a couple of health conditions, including depression. The component treats mild cases of depression as well as severe cases such as major depressive disorder. If the findings of the research are anything to go by, curcumin is as effective as an antidepressant.

Scientists have found a link between depression and chronic inflammation. While it is not yet clear if inflammation leads to depression and vice versa, recent research points to the fact that chronic inflammation and depression aggravate one another. It is believed that antioxidants can alleviate symptoms of depression by getting rid of chronic inflammation. Turmeric curcumin for depression comes in handy in such a situation because it is super rich with antioxidants. The antioxidants present in curcumin rummage free radicals responsible for the creation of inflammation. In the process of minimizing oxidative stress, they also decrease inflammation.

Also, researchers associate depression with minimized levels of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), and the shrinkage of the hippocampus. Hippocampus is a brain area that facilitates learning and memory. Since curcumin enhances BDNF levels, it has the potential to reverse some of these changes.

Scientific evidence also reveals the ability of curcumin to boost serotonin and dopamine (brain neurotransmitters). A research study shows that the impairment of serotonin and dopamine levels may lead to clinical depression. A chemical with a wide array of functions in the body of human beings, serotonin, and dopamine, are at times referred to as the happy or feel-good hormones because of their contributions to the general well being and happiness of people.

What Turmeric For Depression Case Studies Found!

A research study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in October 2014 supported the claims that curcumin contains antidepressant effects. A group of researchers from several Australian universities performed the randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial. The research participants were 56 patients suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD).

The respondents were divided into two groups. One group received curcumin. The other group consumed placebo capsules two times per day for eight weeks. The researchers noticed similar improvements in the scores on the IDS-SR30 (Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology Self-rated) version during the first four weeks. The difference arose from the fourth week all through to the eighth week. The curcumin group exhibited more significant improvements compared to the placebo group, especially among the respondents with atypical depression.

A 2013 study published in Phytotherapy Research, echoed these conclusions. The researchers devised a clinical randomized, observer-marked experiment. Observer-marked means that the observers were not informed of the treatment given to the patients. Also, the patients were advised not to have discussions surrounding their treatment regimens with the observers.phytochemicals in turmeric for depression

The research respondents were 60 patients suffering from a major depressive disorder. The scientists randomly divided them into three equal groups. Group A consumed 20 milligrams of Prozac, an antidepressant, every morning. Group B took 500 milligrams of absorption-improved curcumin twice per day. Group C consumed a combination of what group A and B took.

The researchers used the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression to measure the results. The scale rates the extent of depression by evaluating aspects such as anxiety, mood, guilt feelings, insomnia, suicidal ideation, motor retardation, agitation and weight loss, and so on. The safety and efficacy of the three treatments were assessed every two weeks. The percentage of patients responding well to the treatment was 62.5, 64.7, and 77.8 in the curcumin group, Prozac group and combination group, respectively. As such, the team of researchers concluded that curcumin might be a safe and effective agent when utilized as a modality of treatment in MDD patients.

Recommended Dosage Using Turmeric for Depression

The form of curcumin utilized in the 2013 research study explained in the above section is known as BCM-95. The researchers deemed it fit to use this enhanced-absorption version of curcumin to achieve impressive results in their research. BCM-95 is nowadays referred to as the curcumin’s gold standard. It has a superior absorption by the body compared to other curcumin extracts.

One of the things that have hindered the development of turmeric curcumin for depression is its poor gastrointestinal absorption. It is a considerable obstacle in the application of curcumin to treat major depression. Additionally, curcumin seems to break down quite fast in the intestine and the bloodstream upon absorption.

As a result, human beings require a hefty dose of curcumin to overcome these problems. The dose is so large that at times, people fret at the size and the number of capsules needed to accomplish an impressive effect. In some cases, doses as high as 12 grams have been consumed to ensure the delivery of massive amounts of curcumin into the user’s bloodstream. Extremely high dosages may lead to uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal fullness. However, there hasn’t been a demonstration of the actual toxicity of high doses of curcumin.

Thankfully, researchers are tirelessly looking for ways to enhance the bio availability (absorption) of curcumin. One such process entails the extraction of curcumin from turmeric root. It then undergoes intensive purification and then reconstituted with numerous other compounds obtained from the turmeric plant (to form BCM-95). Scientists believe that these constituents help to improve intestinal absorption of curcumin in the human body.

Best Turmeric Supplement for Treating Depression

You can consume turmeric in the form of spice, tea, or as root. However, for more potency, the most suitable method of consumption is in the form of curcumin supplement. These supplements are available in online stores, grocery stores, and health food stores. Curcumin supplements are offered in the formulation such as capsules and gels.

If you have been shopping around for the best turmeric supplement for depression, you must have realized that there are endless brands in the market. Understandably so, the advancement in technology has seen many manufacturers enter the industry with each passing day. In a situation of this nature, confusion is inevitable.

So, how do you determine a genuine brand or seller?

  • First and foremost, only choose from reputable brands. While it is not always the case, you are a lot safer in the hands of a renowned vendor than at the mercy of a company that is dealing with teething issues.
  • Secondly, read as many customer reviews and testimonials as possible. The opinions or feedback of existing and previous customers will help you know what to expect from a given brand. Read both negative and positive testimonials to get the correct picture.
  • Science backed turmeric for depression supplement
  • Thirdly, check the dosage. Stay clear of relatively low dosages as it might take you longer to realize your treatment goals.
  • Fourthly, check if the seller offers a money-back guarantee.
  • A vendor who has confidence in their products doesn’t hesitate to offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Lastly, avoid unreasonably low-priced curcumin supplements. As they say, cheap is expensive. Determine the standard market rates and use it as one way of identifying the best turmeric supplement for depression.

With my own research into products and guarantees there is a struggle to find one. Most stores and outlets with offer that standard 7 day right of return. And a handful will offer a warranty on damaged goods, but few that back their product with a satisfaction Guarantee. For the best deal with no questions asked Guarantee and I high potency dosage I recommend reading our Science Natural Supplements Turmeric With Bioperine 1300mg Review.

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