Independent TurmeriCBD Review! Can You 7x The Benefit With Prospers Turmeric And CBD oils

Prosper Wellness Turmeric and CBD has crossed my path! Sending me into a frantic mode of disbelief I had to look into this product, the company and the authenticity! This TurmeriCbd Review was important because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Author Intro to Prosper Turmericbd and 7 times potency from the combination
  • 2020 Turmeric/Curcumin was the Highest Rated Supplement
  • 2021 CBD Oil Suppements Have Taken the TOP Spot 
  • 2022 Turmeric And CBD Oil will take lead and be tough to beat!?

Although common sense was telling me that it was only a matter of time before  CBD oil and Turmeric ingredients would be combined. I couldn’t believe my eyes and felt compelled to dig deep and deliver and honest and robust Prosper TurmeriCBD Review and see if it qualifies to be the best turmeric for pain supplement.

TurmeriCBD Combination Review

I have been in the study of discoveries for the Health Benefits Of Turmeric for my reason’s of personal experience and my undying love to want to share the truth to all I can reach. Turmeric itself has a long history to effective in both Ancient cultural remedies, as well as modern day medicines.

TurmeriCBD Review: Prosper Wellness CBD + Turmeric

Prosper Wellness Company is a dedicated team founded by Kriss Bergethon and Chaz Shively and grow their own Cbd hemp product strictly Organically in Steamboat Springs Colorado. And supply to 50 of the approved states across the United States and around the world where Medical CBD Oil is permitted for import. They offer a great range of products from CBD tinctures, capsules, creams and now TurmeriCBD Capsules.

They are a legitimate manufacturer and distributor who pride themselves in R&D based on the latest trends relating to CBD Wellness and have their own FDA approved laboratory and manufacturing facilities. The product TurmeriCBD is sold via an online retailer Legendary Adventures who have been part of the better bussines bureau since 2014. Although, I discovered a few registered complaints “that were all officially resolved”. There was not one regarding Prosper Wellness Products. I did find that at the BBB their are many positive and thankful reviews regarding the Prosper Wellness CBD products.

Early TurmeiCBD Review and Testomonials

Why Is TurmeriCBD A Good Product?

  • CBD: You probably don’t need me to spell it out but I am so excited about the probabilities of turmeriCBD from being so overwhelmed in my life with turmeric and discovering all of what turmeric can be good for. But also my firsthand experiencing of seeing the miraculous activity from what CBD oil can do. My daughter is a sufferer of MS and has gone into many relapses. Although she is on some good medication’s to prevent this from occurring, It still happens often. One of her major effects from relapse is getting uncontrollable shakes. After taking an amount of cannabinoids by way of edibles her shakes can go away. And I am sure you have heard or experienced many different stories around its wonders their are numerous clinical trials underway for its use in medicine.
  • Curcumin: Turmeric has proven itself over and over in science and research from many clinical studies. Its combination inside TurmeriCBD does make the combining ingredients the next generation of Medical Breakthroughs. The extracted agents from turmeric are separated and made into powerful phytochemical supplements that are finding their place in medicine today for some treatments. I have bucket loads of increasing information on the latest research for curcumin on the site.

Prosper Wellness CBD Processing And Technology

There are two main types to extract oil from plants to used in medicinal forms. Prosper based on science have utilized the most advanced technique of Co2 pressurized technique which allows the further breakdown into phytochemicals. This process is how you get to the targeted extraction of cannabinoids from the hemp based CBD plant.

Check out the official turmericbd information from prosper wellness

The Prosper Wellness CBD company are very much prided to be involved in the research and development of CBD products for the benefit to their customers. The processing of all the CBD wellness products are done in house in a very well respected plant for being a leading high quality manufacturer. What more as mentioned earlier in terms of organically grown crop we find that they also combine science based process to feed and grow the CBD hemp plants to offer more quality than quantity with the full spectrum growing techniques. But more importantly it is FREE from GE free radical and completely natural.

What Should You Expect From TurmeriCBD Gel Supplements.

Based on the Science of Turmeric With Bioperine the first stand out with combining that with CBD is the HUGE increase in making the combination much more bio available in both the Curciminoids and Canabinoids via your digestive system. A breakthrough factor for delivery and absorption. With turmeric alone by adding the natural catalyst from the extract found on black pepper (bioperine) the rate of entry into the blood stream increase by 2000%. That knowledge is what inspired the Prosper Wellness technicians to cross-reference its effect with CBD and CBD with Turmeric.

What Are The Expected Benefits From TurmeriCBD

  • Relief from joint pain and muscle relaxation: Both turmeric and CBD work hand in hand and serve together to both ease and repair damage to muscles and joint.
  • Improve overall glucose and sugar levels: Turmeric for diabetes has passed clinical trials to be effective to support and enhance treatment in diabetic patients. And both ingredients are seen to lower maintain healthy blood levels.
  • Enhance brain and memory activity: Both cucuminoids and cannabinoids are seen to be neuro restorative agents and can offer a clear and focused mind.
  • Suppress the need for food: Unlike THC marijuana which can activate a need to eat, CBD is known you assist with lowering your need to consume habit formed eating.
  • Healthy weight loss function: Curcumin supplements are an excellent option and their are more than 5 ways turmeric has weight loss benefits and is being heavily trialed in the battle against obesity.
  • Decent night sleep:All of the problems listed that turmeriCBD claim to alleviate lead to and in relaxed sleep. The CBD alone will offer relaxation to sleep more deeply.
  • Gain radiance in your complexion: Both agents have proven powerful antioxidants and increase pigments, turmeric can also assist in producing natural collagen and is a secret to the youthfulness in the cultures who have known its purity’s for centuries.
  • Lower stress and increase focal ability: Basically if you can get relief from all or any of the above, it would come down to common sense for this benefit to become prevalent.

These are big claims to be made from a supplement of any kind, but what’s more surprising and nothing I have ever seen is their confidence to back it up. If you are ever dis-satisfied that you don’t experience any or all of what you should expect, or you simply decide that this product isn’t for you prosper wellness NOT given 7 day tight of return, or a 30 day package warranty . But they have made a solid cause to offer a money where their mouth is, customer satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Is TurmeriCBD the perfect mixture

Pro’s Taken From This TurmeiCBD Review

  • High Quality Organically Grown Product
  • Science Backed Common Sense Combination
  • Available to All 50 Approved States In The US
  • Under 1% THC Maintaining Legality Requirements
  • Never Seen Ultimate Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Generously Priced High Value Turmeric + CBD Supplement
  • Generous Bulk Buying Discounts

Probable Cons Of Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD

  • NOT Available To Other States In The US or WorldWide. (Yet)

I honestly found it hard to fault anything about this company or this highly promising concoction of some the most suppressed natural health products. One other not so negative thing I could mention that is a matter of opinion is the aggressive sales technique used. Which is very common in the world of online shopping and used in more rampancy from leaders like Amazon, Walmart and E bay so it’s not really that bad at all.

Go To prosper wellness turmeriCBD to learn more l

Conclusive Results From Turmeric and CBD For Health

It is very unfortunate for many people not just in the states around America that haven’t yet approved medical cannabis. A supplement like this can not only alleviate and reduce a lot of suffering, overall it can save a ton on medical bills. And for folks heading into retirement who have run their bodies into the ground could experience a second lease and a chance to be comfortable in these latter years.

But those that do have the opportunity can have a chance to experience some rejuvenation.:) For those of you whom have found this Review for TurmeriCBD from outside of its jurisdiction and would appreciate some or part of what you have read here. There is still something for you.?

You may not be able to acquire a CBD based product, but you could still consider the wonderful givings from the phytochemical of curcumin. With a high dose you can still experience overwhelmng benefits. For this reason I feel you would enjoy this turmeric with bioperine science natural supplements review containing a nice surprise.

This TurmeriCBD Review is purely research for the purpose to help folks make an informed decision. Based on findings from medical case studies and extensive digging into Prosper Wellness CBD. That being said I would love to hear your thoughts, questions or doubts regarding TurmeriCBD and its formula.?

Review Overview
TurmeriCBD Turmeric With Bioperine And CBD Extracts

This Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD review is totally independent and unbiased. And what I have found is this concoction can be super powerful from combining these two ingredients. The Bio-availability of CBD is increased by 7 times with the absorption by adding turmeric and piperine ingredients. Delivering powerful results in aiding and amplifying the many benefits from both Turmeric and CBD oil.

Come ON! Tell the World about Turmeric

47 thoughts on “Independent TurmeriCBD Review! Can You 7x The Benefit With Prospers Turmeric And CBD oils”

  1. Over the last many years, there has been a rising interest in turmeric and its medicinal properties. Many herbalists have immensely praised the medicinal qualities of turmeric related to liver and skin disorders.This herb has occupied the shelves of every Indian kitchen for 6000 years and is regarded as the king of the kitchen. It is used daily in cooking. Apart from cooking it is also used as beauty aid and as a dye.

    1. Hey Mugalu, your 100% right with your input here. I think it is quite exciting that science is now getting the ability to share and further study the greatness offered, and extracted ingredient compounds that make them better and more targeted. 

      Cheers for stopping bro.

  2. Your article about TurmeriCBD is very interesting.  I take a daily dose of Curcumin with Piperine. It states on the container that Curcumin is an active component of Turmeric.  The bottle is labelled Turmeric with the other information in small print!

    I have not been aware of TurmericCBD until today when I discovered and read your article. 

    Advising that TurmericCBD is not available worldwide is helpful as that saves me from searching online for a product not available in my country. I hope we eventually get a product like prospers turmeric and cbd combination here in NZ soon enough, it does sound great:)

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Valerie 

      thank you kindly for leaving your comment, I do hope you soon get to experience the added benefits there too, I am sure its only a matter of time. 

      However it is Great News to hear you are already using Curcumin Supplements which I am sure have offered great relief and mobility.

      Regards Rob

  3. Wow! I didn’t see this coming but then, it is surely a great one to see. Turmeric on its own is a very good and potent product for treating various body illnesses not to talk of the effects that cbd will add to it if joined with it. This is really great and I like this. Thanks so much for sharing all these here. I fancy it a lot and thumbs up to you for sharing

    1. Good Day Sir. 

      Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share. You will be most satisfied with the results you will experience from taking the turmericbd gels. 

      wish you very well


  4. I have never seen a combination of turmeric and CBD, but that certainly sounds amazing! Both of them are known to have amazing health benefits and I use turmeric regularly in cooking. Thankfully, I don’t have any health problems, however, I could do with a better night’s sleep and I would love to try TurmeriCBD. Great review

    1. Hey Hollie, I use turmeric all the time in my cooking also! its so good. But won’t be one who stops using a supplement with curcumin in it EVER!:) I know you will be loving the extra decent, not to mention rejuvenating sleep that you will get from the prosper turmeric CBD gels.

      All the best Rob

  5. Wow! This is a good product! I am seeing for the first time a product mix between turmeric and CBD. So far, all I know is CBD compounds only. But with a mixture like this, I’m sure it will have better properties. Plus, with tons of benefit as described above.
    Unfortunately, for me who is not a US citizen, will have difficulty being able to buy this product. However, if it’s available in my country, I will definitely be the first to buy it!

    1. Hey Asmadi. 

      The best thing is that you have come across it and can be on the look out for when it does become available. Many countries are much behind the US where it comes to nutraceuticals like CBD and turmeric. That does make it hard for great companies like Prosper Wellness to launch their products on international market.

      Im glad you found your way here. thanks for stopping by.

      Regards Rob

  6. Hi I am a 48 year old obese man living in the UK. I can see many benefits for me in your article. I suffer with many medical conditions including arthritis and gout. In the UK, CBD is still not legal although there have been some high profile legal cases built around medical cannabis oils recently. I will have a look at your Turmeric review later as I feel there may be some benefit to me. I am currently on medication for depression and I take an anti stroke drug. Do you think that there will be any complications in taking the turmeric supplement? I have tried different supplements over the years to help with my all over joint pain but I never really see a benefit. Do you recommend a specific product or is there something I should be looking for? I wish the CBD was available in the UK as I have heard it is great for treating migraine. Thanks for the post.  Mark

    1. Hi Mark, Man I can totally understand your frustration, CBD has so many proven uses and an cancel out many un-necessary pharmaceuticals just like turmeric. 

      To answer you question directly, yes taking turmeric can interfere with a stoke medication, but only with what you will be using for a blood thinner. I encourage you to check out this how turmeric works for heart health article.:)

      Many physicians are well up to date with incorporating your chosen use and can adjust dosages accordingly.

      Wish you well bro. 

      Cheers Rob 

  7. Dear Rob,
    I have purchased the Prosper wellness CBD tinctures for my son who has had high anxiety and insomnia for years. When in college, my son was using alcohol to calm his anxiety and to go to sleep, but after getting really sick one night, he stopped. He still had such anxiety, and I had heard of CBD oil. Prosper wellness CBD was recommended by Doctor Z and mama Z (via email). I bought it for my son, and after the loading time and then maintenance his anxiety dropped significantly. I recently purchased the full spectrum CBD for him, and he feels it is helping even more.

    MY QUESTION: I hurt my knee recently (and it has been inflamed off and on for weeks). I bought the TumeriCBD capsules, and I am wondering if I must do a loading phase (two capsules twice a day, for ex) or just take one a day. I am hoping you see this question! Or maybe can refer me to someone who can answer my question???

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks you so much for sharing you testomony regarding your son here, open comments like this will inspire many of us to put faith in these natural alternatives.

      As for your knee, is it full of inflammation, if so I would suggest not so much double dosing on Turmericbd but perhaps adding an extra dose of curcuminoids. ie Turmeric Curcumin Supplements.
      Whats more the Prosper Wellness have developed a really Awesome pain Freeze Cream that could be your answer to relief.:) I have a info video showcasing it on Youtube. Here is the link

      I hope it works out perfect for you, and please sing out if I can be any further help.

      Regards Rob

    1. Hello Margot, you can follow this link to order TurmeriCBD here. Currently they are offering a FREE trial where you just pay shipping. And they have bulk buy Savings incentives too. Typically for a single stack of turmeric and CBD gels they are asking for $49 which can be halved.

      Thank you for stopping by please let me know if I can be of any further help.

      Kind Regards Rob

  8. Hi Rob, I’m in the UK. Are you aware of an equivalent over here pls? V interested as have MS and 5 other autoimmune conditions including Crohn’s, periodic limb movement disorder, Graves’ and eye thyroid disease.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Monica,

      I am currently limited to discuss any availability in the UK public here live on open web:)
      However I may be of service to help you find an equivalence of such. I will reach out to by email to see I I can
      assist further.

      On another note, My daughter has relapsing MS and she has had good response with the Turmeric Blend
      of MitoQ:) Here is NZ I found an underground supply of CBD, which has been a blessing to minimize her shakes
      as we are in the same Legal situation as you there.

      Wish you very Well. And am glad you stopped by.

      All the best. Rob

    2. Hi Monica
      I also have ms. Currently I buy cbd full spectrum from hempworx. They are a us company but have warehouses in Netherlands so shipping to all over Europe

  9. Great read! i have yet to dive into the cbd world and as for turmeric i most use in my cooking. But i do know of the health benefits of both, considered an organic cbd dropper purchase at a farmers market but they definately weren’t this advanced to consider combining these two powerhouse ingredients….i may have to purchase.

    1. Hi Marie. well it’s great you discovered this grand turmeric and CBD oil recipe before delving in. It is going to be exciting to see just how well it takes of in 2020. I am very confident you will enjoy your experience of Prospers Turmeric CBD Gel Caps.

      All the very best


  10. Having Timeric and CBD together makes so much sense. I have used turmeric and its very good and it worked well when I tried  it, and CBD products are some of the best in the best in the market when it has to do with health and wellness. The Timericcbd is indeed very nice coming as capsule because it would now be more accessible and easy to use. Not everyone wants to actually perceive the smell of turmeric.

    1. .Hi Benson, its funny how you mentioned the smell of turmeric, my daughter is put off by the smell but due to her need she does still put up with it. A strong smell is a good indicator of the potency however.  I do like the idea of gel caps too. They hold in the purity so much better. 

      TurmeriCBD is next level stuff, and although I can’t access the product until New Zealand makes CBD legal, I have been learning so much more about it and some DIY way to make it:). 

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by

      Many regards Rob

  11. Hi Rob,

    This is exciting news in the world of CBD. I’m an avid supporter of CBD being used medically as it has many benefits such as relieving joint pain. I’m eager to try this out for my wife as she suffers from arthritis and this might be even better than CBD on its own. 
    One thing I’m keen to know more about is the fact you mentioned that this product can help with blood glucose levels. Is this for both types of diabetes or would you say it is more beneficial for Type 2 over Type 1?

    Thanks for providing an excellent and informative review on this. 

    1. Hi Tony, I am glad you discovered the info to be enlightening. As explained mixing the ingredients together has a proven effect to 7 times the activity:) TurmeriCBD would be perfect for your wife, likely to the affect of you being her hero! As her relief will be immediate. There are multiple benefits for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, it is not yet said much regarding CBD and the illness, but from the studies you can see here: How Turmeric Fights Diabetes you can see the many ways that alone can reverse diabetes. 

      Hope that helps, dont hesitate to get back if you need anything else.

      All the best to you both


  12. Hi Rob

    What a great company to be reviewing. I am a diabetic and use turmeric a lot but would dearly love to try the mix with cbd as I have done heaps of research around cbd and know how wonderful it is and having the 2 combined would help me a lot

    I also suffer from arthritis and I love how turmeric helps me get relief but again having the cbd in the product would make a world of difference to my well being so please if you could keep me updated when it may be available here in New Zealand.


    1. Hi Vicki, Lovely to see a kiwi finding my info here.

      Sorry to hear about your Diabetes and Arthritis. TurmeriCBD would be perfect for you:( Are you aware that a credible turmeric supplement alone works hundreds of times better that using turmeric in your food? 

      I will do my best to inform you when this reaches down under:) I believe they are having referendum in 2020 to legalize Marijuana. Fingers cross the government don’t remain ignorant over how CBD can relieve so much suffering and symptomatic illness. 

      Best Wishes Rob

  13. I can see that tumericbd is a new product that was just discovered. I have been hearing about CBD for quite a while now and I have read many reviews about its benefits and the country that supported it sales and usage. It is fascinating to see that tumeric can be added to cannabinoid supplement and can still serve this amazing benefits. Arthritis and joint pain are very common this days. If this product can work as claimed in this review, it will gain more sales and spread across different countries in the world that support CBD.

    1. Hi Stella, Thank you kindly for stopping by with your thoughts, 

      Turmeric and CBD oil are a newly developed combination that indeed provides much hope and many benefits for sufferers:) Exciting to say the least considering simply the side effects that comes with conventional treatments and pain killers. I really commend the Prosper Wellness Company and there intuition to be a forerunner in this development. 

      Take care 


  14. I have been researching CBD products recently to help with anxiety and stress, and it seems as though the oil products are becoming very popular. Thanks for the informative article, as I wasn’t aware of all the physical benefits that these Turmeric and CBD oils cpold offer. I am definitely going to look further so that I could get my hands on TurmeriCBD and give this stuff a go.. Thanks again for this review. 

    1. Hey Chris. Glad you came across this recipe here:)

      I certainly getting excited from these new discoveries and am looking forward to CBD being legal here in New Zealand…!  Overall I personally feel what both plants have in phytochemical Gold that science Genuine science can extract and deliver is brilliantly amazing action and prevention. 

      Hope you love you dose of TurmeriCBD. Feel free to come back and let us know how you love it Chris.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Regards Rob

  15. I have been using homemade CBD and CBN products for years and will never stop using it. When I was young there was lots of misunderstandings and weird myths about these. I knew its just a matter of time when this kind of combinations comes to markets. Thanks about great website and its informative content. 
    Have a nice day! -Jesse 

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Jesse. Yes I have come across quite a few people utilizing homemade offerings in the CBD range, It is unfortunate that there are many of what you say ?misunderstandings” about its credibility. It is said that the first published study relating to how CBD fights cancer was way back in the mid 1070’s and became quickly suppressed. So it is wonderful it is now becoming freely available and products like turmeriCBD can finally begin to shine and deliver real results….

      Appreciate your chime bro!

      Regards Rob .

  16. I have to admit, I did NOT see this coming…but should have…the combination of Turmeric and CBD oil!  

    So far, the benefits derived from both supplements are nothing short of amazing – I’m encouraged to hear how this combination fares over the long term.

    I’m sorry to hear your daughter has MS however, if there is a bright side well, actually two bright sides, they are:  1) She has an amazing mom to research and obtain beneficial supplements and 2) Her health issues are occurring at a time when these supplements are available!

    Thank you so much for sharing this! 

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hello Susan. 

      Thank you:) You are absolutely right, and being witness to what Turmeric alone has achieved is remarkable enough. I am truly excited about these advancements to maximize the potential.

      It’s still early days for Makayla and her experience, but we believe in what its doing. A story that is in the making! 🙂 

      Very Nice of you to Take time to care.

      All the best


  17. I see you stated here that tumeric CBD helps with stress and can help with the brain too. You know because of the job I do, I have been looking for something of this sort that I can use which will help me relieve the stress I go through and also help my brain because I tend to forget things sometimes. This tumericCBD is a must get for me. Thank you for reviewing it. I have made my decision to buy it

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hello Henderson. Thanks for the shout out. I am very pleased you enjoyed and felt how this super supplement can work the wonders:) You have made a great decision as I am sure you will experience a near immediate impact from the mix. 

      If you have time or remember I would really love to hear how Turmeric and CBD oil goes for you.

      All the best Rob

  18. CBD oils are all the rage at the moment. The serious players seem to be playing by the rules so far. It amazes me that naturally grown products that benefit all of us have to go through such a rigorous process while the pharmaceutical companies with their highly paid chemists artificially suppress our ailments by putting dangerous drugs in our system. When you watch these drug ads on television it takes them longer to list the side effects of these drugs than the actual commercial itself. Can you imagine what these drugs are doing to our bodies? From what I’ve experienced anything natural is better than artificial when it comes to our bodies. Thank you for a good read.

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Bob. I agree 100% and it does absolutely drive me balmy. With the many studies I have been performing about the latest studies and research for turmeric I am continually dumb founded at the time and money they put into verifying, not to mention contradicting the evidence in Rats.  

      I mean there is already enough REAL Modern day People testimonial along with the worlds most prolific alchemists who used both CBD and Turmeric for such a long time,

      Alas this is what drives me to learn and share more:)

      All the best Rob

  19. Hi Robert!
    It’s glad to see that you are reviewing a medicine product. Hope it is a very useful product. I have gone through the review. You have only mentioned the advantages of the product. You have not found any disadvantages. So I can guess that it is a helpful product. Are there any age restrictions for using this product? I also want to know if there is a bad reaction for not taking the medicine after taking the first time. Hope you will give an honest reply.

    Thanks a lot dear.

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hello Snigdha, 

      Thanks for your careful inquiry. And I am glad you did like the TurmeriCBD review. To be direct I haven’t found nor can I imagine any disadvantages of this product. Both are backed and proven by science. In terms of restriction of its use. No there are none. It is an approved and certified CBD product with ultra low THC content and only restricted by ones fear. and local Governance. To date there have been no reported negative reactions to this all natural substance. I am been in good contact with one of TurmeriCBD’s developers Kriss Bergethon in relaltion to ths product and I can assure you I will be among the first to know and report any such instances.

      I hope I have covered any of your concerns, and please don’t hesitate to reply back for any further questions.:)

      All the best Rob

  20. I have been hearing and seeing a lot of reviews about CBD products and did some research.  To understand more about its benefits.  What really stands out among the testimonials I have read, is about a young woman who almost became housebound as a result of her debilitating eczema.

    She was at her wit’s end and so her husband recommended her to use a CBD oil vape.  It worked and within 3 weeks her symptoms died down!  Now I am not recommending anyone go to such lengths to cure their ailments, but it really is amazing the amount of ailments CBD products can treat.

    My mother has arthritis induced by a stroke 12 years ago.  As she is in a lot of pain, I spend time researching natural remedies she can use.  Some work and some don’t.

    CBD oil products are still being regulated in the UK and I am not sure about the concentrations in the CBD products I research.  The higher priced ones contain more CBD, but then are too expensive in. the long run.

    I will keep your site in mind for more reviews you write.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hello, and thanks for sharing:)

      CBD oils certainly are becoming a hit in the natural treatment and ease of pain and severe conditions. Turmeric and CBD oil together is like a match made in heaven. TurmeriCBD passes all regulated conditions internationally as it’s under 1% THC which is the main requirement. They will be breaking into the UK in the very near future as they move through all the paperworks.

      I am sorry to hear about your Mother. It is hard to stand by and watch our loved ones suffer like so. I am wondering if you have tried a high quality Turmeric supplement to aid in her arthritis. It works very well and since you mentioned a stroke, I would like to point out that studies have also found curcumin to be neuro restorative and is in clinical studies to prevent and treat Alzheimers. 

      Wish you and you Mother well

      Best Regards Rob

  21. Boniface-AndroidBix

    Hello there,

    Great post right there!

    I seriously usually wonder why conventional science never allows for natural foods and herbs to be used freely as an alternative to conventional medicine whenever this becomes applicable. For instance, turmeric for ages has helped humanity. Big pharma and other forces keep on saying clinical trials are ongoing. CBD oil extracts is becoming popular too for helping cancer patients manage pain- and killing cancer cells. Some governments say it is illegal because of the high associated with the marijuana plant. Could they not regulate use like they do morphine and keep is the general public safe from abuse but healthy?


    So sorry about your daughter. She’ll get full recovery with time.


    Boniface from AndroidBix

    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Boniface. Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment here:)

      I must add that Turmeric is also among many clinical trials with positive results in the combat for natural cancer treatments.  am currently working on my next article regarding what happening in that area. That’s also all the more kudos from seeing a product like TurmeriCBD hitting the market so exciting.

      Thank you for caring about My daughter:) She is doing well, I have her on a turmeric supplement and she is doing very well in recovering. 

      Many Blessings Rob

  22. Hello I hope that you are having a great day.

    Thanks for the article. What i found interesting was the promotion of a healthy brain activity and further developing a good night sleep. Trust me when i say this, me and my friends are night walkers (*almost like bats*), we find it difficult to have a good night’s sleep.

    Maybe after a few weeks of this product, i can recommend it to my friends and their family for further use. Thank you for the article.


    1. Best Turmeric Supplements

      Hi Sid. Your Welcome. 

      I am 100% sure you are going to love TurmeriCBD. A good nights sleep is in the post my friend:) I am humbly pleased you found the review helpful. 

      Best regard Rob

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