The Power Of CBD And Turmeric? With Simple DIY Infusion Method

The Prolific discovery of CBD and Turmeric is the DNA compounds Found within. Cannabinoids and Curcuminoids found in the CBD Strain Hemp Plant and the Turmeric Root are found in the Human Body:). Combining these two extracts it is being found to create major advancements, some say they are like a marriage made in heaven.

OrGainIt Health Revelations Intro to CBD and Turmeric And the power it offer when combined

We are progressing at a fast pace as Nutraceutical Medicine’s gain the fame they deserve, where I believe Turmeric and CBD Oil belong at the top of the table. Both have a long history and suffered suppression among the commercialized world. Scientist around the world are compling an overwhelming amount of evidence to conclude the Abilities of CBD and Turmeric. So what can they do? What Make Infusing Turmeric With Cbd Better? And How Do you get Turmeric blended with CBD Oil.

Top 10 CBD Oil Evidential Benefits

  • CBD can give you better sleep by making you more relaxed before bed. Research even suggests that it makes your sleep deeper.
  • It can help with anxiety in stressful situations, or for people with an anxiety disorder.
  • CBD can be used as an effective pain relief, and one that is safe to use for chronic pain sufferers.
  • Studies have shown that CBD can reduce symptoms of depression.
  • It is known to be able to reduce blood pressure.
  • With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can also treat skin conditions like acne.
  • CBD is being studied as a way to treat cancer.
  • Applied topically on glaucoma, CBD could even be a substitute for eye surgery.
  • CBD has powerful antiepileptic properties.
  • It can be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome.
Looking at CBD Before Turmeric is Combined

Claims that are undeniable and if you were to seek medical advice today the best answer you can get from a “against” practitioner is “I dont know” . My first real life example and experience that really drew me to CBD Oil was being witness to my Daughter who has primary progressive MS and suffers from rapid shakes. I sourced a tincture of Hemp oil after learning how it alleviates the symptoms in MS. Within Minutes here shaking had minimized to nearly non existent. This was not a high dose of CBD as it is illegal here in NZ and CBD Hemp Seeds hard to access. We are looking forward to getting the real thing very soon.

Top 10 Proven Turmeric Curcumin Benefits

  • Curcumin can help prevent diabetes.
  • Ingested on a regular basis, curcumin helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Curcumin can be used as a natural acne remedy.
  • It can also be used topically to cure skin conditions like psoriasis.
  • Curcumin can prevent and even cure some cancers.
  • Curcumin has powerful anti-viral properties.
  • It could help improve your digestion.
  • Turmeric curcumin can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It can also act as a painkiller and provide relief from light pain.
  • Curcumin promotes a better immune system.

That is just a small list of Turmeric Supplement Benefits as the prime factor to how it works to heal is the anti inflammatory properties, as inflammation is the leading cause ending in health problems. I could carry on to how turmeric for gout works and other subjects like curing Erectile Dysfunction and more. With the combination of CBD and Turmeric together I am sure we will see leaps and bounds.

Turmeric is seen to have 23 separate phytochemical benefits before adding CBD oil

With all that being said although research is in the beginning stages Turmeric and CBD Oil are complimenting each other in miraculous ways not yet completely understood.

What makes combining CBD oil and turmeric better?

Turmeric and CBD oil work great in symbiosis because they have a lot of the same properties. They can both help with pain, inflammation and disease-prevention. When it comes to skin issues, using the two together is also very effective as they work hand in hand to fight inflammation, excessive sebum production, fungal and bacterial growth, dryness, and more. When it comes to mental health, combining the two ingredients can also work wonders. CBD is a well-known natural remedy against anxiety and depression, while the antioxidant and antidepressant properties of turmeric strengthen its effects. But not only do the effects of CBD and turmeric add up, CBD has the power to boost the bioavalability of turmeric.

For all its health benefits, curcumin is notoriously hard for the body to process. Specialists recommend that it be mixed together with black pepper or a fat like coconut milk in order to get absorbed during digestion. But CBD actually provides a great product to mix turmeric with. Because of its fat content and medicinal properties, CBD actually makes the turmeric that you consume a lot more effective.

Top 10 Increased Benefits Of Turmeric And CBD Oil

  • When taken together, CBD oil and turmeric provide a powerful pain relief. Turmeric is rarely taken as a pain-killer by itself because it is not considered very effective, but it actually has some great natural properties against pain. When combined with CBD which not only is a very good pain relief, but also boosts its effects, turmeric becomes a great, anti-inflammatory pain killer.
  • On skin, turmeric and CBD oil can work great on acne. While turmeric kills bacteria and fungi, CBD oil helps to regulate sebum production and both fight inflammation. The result? A very powerful all-natural acne remedy.
  • Because both products are also very soothing, they work great on other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. As an added benefit, CBD oil makes turmeric a lot easier to apply on skin.
  • CBD oil and Turmeric can also be used to provide relief for people suffering from skin cancer. The resulting ointment is calming and can truly alleviate itching, smell and discomfort.
  • Taken together, turmeric and CBD oil help to lower blood pressure significantly.
  • Turmeric and CBD oil have both been shown to help fight cancer. Combine them together and you get a powerful mix that can be considered effective in preventing cancer.
  • As researchers start talking about inflammation as a potential cause of depression, mixing an anti-inflammatory substance with one that is known for its antidepressant properties makes the resulting product great at fighting depression naturally.
  • CBD oil and turmeric taken together is a great immunity-booster because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • For anyone with digestive problems, combining turmeric and CBD oil is a great way to ease your digestion and save yourself some pain. They complement one another and provide relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Taking CBD oil with turmeric can reduce your cholesterol, helping you prevent heart disease.
showing the basic process how to infuse CBD Oil with Turmeric

How To Infuse CBD And Turmeric? At Home DIY Method

Now that you’ve learned about the amazing synergic properties of CBD oil and turmeric, you may be tempted to make your own homemade remedy for any number of conditions. Although you can now find CBD oil on the market that is already infused with turmeric, it can be just as easy to make it yourself. As an added bonus, you’ll also get to control the quality of the ingredients which you are using.

To start with, you’ll need to find fresh turmeric root. This is not an absolute necessity, but research does show that it contains more bioavailable curcumin than the ground, dried spice that you commonly find on kitchen shelves. Peel the root and cut it in small pieces.

Next, take a small container, it may be a glass bottle or a vial, and add in your hemp CBD oil. Simply put the cut-up turmeric pieces in the bottle, and leave the mix to infuse for a day or overnight. After only a few hours, the CBD oil should start to take on a bright, yellow color, showing you that the turmeric is being infused.

After 12 hours or overnight, you can start using your turmeric-infused CBD oil. Make sure to take out the pieces of turmeric first, so that you have a clear oil that is ready to use. Add it to your coffee, take it under the tongue, or use it as a topical ointment—this miracle oil can adapt to your own medical needs. Although this is not strictly necessary, we recommend that you keep it in the fridge. CBD doesn’t always have a long shelf-life, and refrigerating your product is a good way to make it last longer.

About CBD Oil And Turmeric Capsules.

My first encounter with CBD and Turmeric was by invitation by a leading Organic Hemp Grower who run their own research and development. Before that the combination was news to me as it is a very new concept and discovery.

What I found while diligently learning all the data to offer an honest Prosper Wellness TurmeriCBD evaluation that a specific extract from Turmeric combined with piperine increases the activity and absorption by 7 times.

Like the Best Turmeric Supplements we are going to see in the coming months Turmeric and CBD Hemp Oil Gel capsules will be getting all the attention. People who have given them a go are HOOKED from the instant change and that’s is even coming from existing customers transferring from CBD gels. Click the Image below to see Claims.

CBD and Turmeric capsules review for prosper wellness turmericbd

How Do You Feel About Turmeric and Cbd Oil?

I am genuinely interested to know your thoughts, doubts or inspirations about this New Natural Alternative. I really want to be sure that everything gets covered.? Just as much as I am inspired to deliver some impact-ful Organic and Safe possibilities.

Simply Leave a Comment Below.

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  1. Well! it feels literally great to learn about the technique of being able to infuse CBD into turmeric. Wow! I feel like sharing this for the benefits of every body else. This is simply awesome to see that most people really care to share something good as this. It has been proven that they both share similarities in the areas o taking care of the body health and when infused together, would only make for greater level of productivity. WoW! simply awesome to see. I cannot wait to try this out and see the effect it would have on my anxiety and stress.

    1. Hello Mr Rodarrick. 

      It was a pleasure to research nd write about and am so glad you enjoyed it. I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun and “yes” enjoyment from emulsions of CBD and turmeric.

      All the best Rob

  2. I know about CBD oil and its numerous benefits such as helping with anxiety, pains etc. I also know that Tumeric also has a lot of benefits too. Yes of course, both have some similar functions and benefits in the human body but I never thought of a combination of both to get increased benefits. I learnt something good again…

    1. Hi Thanks for stopping. 

      It is a wonderful life when we keep up the learning aspect of it. I can see many different concoctions developing from this, and I think it will be very interesting once the medical industry gets it under the microscope and into some clinical trials. 

      Cheers Rob

  3. Turmeric on its own can cure so much and generally accepted, CBD is the miracle product for virtually all the health problems. It is very easy to just figure out that, if CBD is combined with turmeric to make a product, then I’m very sure that no other supplements would sell again other than the product made out of the two because it would surely be too good. 

    1. Hi Julianne, Yes I think supplements are making Leaps and Bounds and turmeric with cbd oil is a combination I can see to be at the top of the scale!:) I do think as science delve more into compounds of plants that have a long history, and continue to learn more specifics there will still be other polarities like this Neuroactive 6 brain supplement I recently found which looks super impressively packed with powerful nutrient.

      So glad you found the wealth here.

      All the best Rob

  4. Hi. In these recent days, I have read so much about CBD and Turmeric but I am eager to read more about them so that I can expand my knowledge about them in order to maximize them for great rewards. Thanks for sharing the power of CBD and turmeric.

    CBD and Tumeric symbolises unity! 😄

    1. Hi Ovb

      Great that you have the strong desire to learn about these ingredients. I make imagine it is coming from somewhere else:)? I am really happy you stopped here, and that I have managed to give you some new light in your journey of discovery. 

      Cheers Rob

  5. I have heard good things about both CBD oils and turmeric, but I would have never thought about combining the two. It makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing how to combine them yourselves, but I think I’ll just go ahead and buy the pre made variety, I’m not very good at that kind of stuff. I will definitely share this with my friends, awesome information! 

    1. Hi Travis, glad you found the power of CBD and Turmeric to be the Value it is. I realize not everybody are crafty to concoct there own. The Prosper Wellness product is one of the first and the best producers and I know you will love it!:) Thank you for stopping here.

      Regard Rob

  6. The only thing I could bring myself to thinking is the fact that if CBD is used alongside Turmeric or infuse together as a supplement, then that would be the single most powerful supplement ever to tackle anything that has to do with health concerns. They are both great at helping the body health individually and when they get to be together, it would only make them much better.

    1. Thanks For stopping Rodarrick. You got it and that’s is exactly what CBD Oil and Turmeric mixed together does. Purely compliment each other:)

      Have a great day


  7. Thank you for the interesting article – this is the first I’m learning of the benefits of combining turmeric and CBD and I have to say, it sounds quite promising! Being a herbalist and a sufferer of arthritis pain, I am well aware of the trove of benefits each turmeric and CBD can bring on their own. 

    I have personally tinkered with various extraction methods and ratios of turmeric when making my own tinctures, ointments, and pastes. I have to admit, I’ve never made an extraction using an oil like the one you mention above. The ratio of turmeric to CBD necessary to see noticeable results must be fairly minuscule if only overnight steeping is necessary. Most of the extracts I create are steeped for a minimum of 14 days, many for much longer.  

    I will definitely do more research on this subject; thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I have your page bookmarked so I can catch all your future posts. Thanks again! 

    1. Hi Shan, Well that sounds interesting that you create many of your own extractions. I woold love to hear how you get on when making your own CBD and Turmeric Combination. 

      It is a rather short duration and I was surprised too. But when I really think about it and consider how well the compliment each other as seen in the LAB that they are plain and simply a heavenly made marriage and the two become one as it was supposed to be. I have done a couple of experiments so far:) and will be posting up a video of the process in action soon. 

      All in all it is exciting to say the least, and hearing from folks who have taken the switch from CBD to Turmeric and CBD can’t speak highly enough. 

      Go well Friend, thank you for stopping here:)

      Many Blessings Rob

  8. Fascinating to read all this information. I love to find out about natural medicinal products that we can use. I have wanted to try Turmeric for some time as I believe it helps with aches and pains. However I have to take a thyroxine supplement and apparently the two don’t go so well together. Are you aware of this and do you have further information about it?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Louise, Thanks for stopping, it is an exciting breakthrough and advancement for next level natural medicine. I have done some research for you query and found that a Turmeric Supplement can Act as and is found to be better for you as a use in apposed to a thyroxine. However this is a question better answered by you physician, as I can’t take responsibility for health:) I can only deliver info from verified sources and make it easier to understand. 

      Wish you all the best 


  9. Hi, Robert.
    Thanks for the vital information on CBD & Turmeric Powder.
    The do it yourself infusion method is really quite simple. Seeing the benefits of both CBD oil as well as the turmeric, we must prepare the magic potion ourself.
    The list of individual benefits of Hemp Oil and Turmeric as well as the combined benefit list is a great resource. I bookmarked this page – thanks again.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav, Welcome back 🙂

      This is a very exciting new development alright. I am warmed that you follow my work here and enjoy the updates. I am amazed at the simplicity and how the curcuminoids and cannabinoids are attracted to each other.

      I hope you have fun and feel great with you Turmeric and CBD experiment too.

      Till next time


  10. Hello Robert, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I did know about CBD but I did not know that turmeric has such benefits on the human body. I heard it is good but never thought about this. Is it true that turmeric can also affect weight loss?

    1. Hi Danijel, Thats so great you discovered Turmeric today:)

      Cucumin is absolutely amazing and is the biggest research plant based phytochemical for a huge array of problems. Not only is Turmeric Good For Weight Loss my friend, it is being reported as a possible breakthrough tool to help combat Obesity. Click the Turmeric News Tab to find out more!:)

      Appreciate you stopping and glad you found it helpful.

      All the best Rob

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